Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Take a Guess

More Red and Rapunzel next week. For now, more Haiku’s. I just find them really relaxing to make:

Wonder Woman

Strong arms, stronger heart

born on Themyscira she,

fights for all of us.



Long haired girl stuck up

high in a lofty tower.

Will love set her free?


Snow White

One queen’s vanity

against a girl with red lips

and skin white as snow

October 31

For you Halloween,

the night when we can transform

let’s get fucking weird!

Princess and the Pea

A queen’s midnight test

to find a true blue princess,

needs a single pea.


Hansel and Gretel 

Little candy house

where the blind witch sets her trap.

Gretel bites her back.


Steadfast Tin Soldier 

One legged soldier

dreams of a ballerina,

dancing in the flames.



A girl so lovely

she hid in a donkey skin

until freedom came.



She jumps and tumbles

rushing, leaping, flying, stop!

She sticks the landing.




No need for gender

if you want to have my heart.

Just show up with love.


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