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What I Want to See

It occurred to me that I’ve written about the Strong Female Character conundrum and about the importance of representation, however, I haven’t brought up the kind of female characters I want to see in the future.  As I’ve mentioned before it’s, of course, easier than ever to find more niche characters and unique heroine’s however if it’s not in the mainstream it’s harder for the everyday person to be exposed to different kinds of people. Therefore here is a list of female characters I’d like to see/see more of in media:

  1. Pierced up/Tattooed: This isn’t an archetype per say, but more and more people have piercings and tattoos nowadays and while some people are still out there debating whether or not they are respectable/work appropriate the way people alter their bodies tells you about who they are the same way clothing and hair do. Even badass female characters in the mainstream still seem to adhere to the conservative vs. skimpy dichotomy and it’d be nice to see more styles being incorporated on screen.
  2. Unusual Jobs: Not everyone can (or wants to for that matter) work at a fashion magazine, or be a writer, or work at a vague high paying job and yet when it comes to careers in movies and television I have a hard time thinking of many that go outside the box (of course save for cop shows and hospital dramas). If women can be anything they want to be, shouldn’t that be reflected more on screen? Personally, I’d love to see a female character who is an architect or works in a museum. Also to combine my first point and this one a sitcom in a tattoo parlor would be amazing.
  3. Transgender Women: I separating the ‘T’ from the LGBTQIA because while the issues of Trans women can overlap the rest of the queer community they deserve their own slot. Once something is normalized not only does it empower more people to speak their truth, but it also makes it harder for naysayers to be assholes. I love Laverne Cox, but she is not the only Transgender actress out there, and honestly the more the merrier.
  4. Queer Women: I know some people aren’t fond of the umbrella term ‘queer’ and if that’s the case I’m sorry. I tend to prefer it because it doesn’t favor one identity over the other which matters to me. In any case, WHERE ARE MY LESBIANS, MY BISEXUALS, MY ACES, AND AROMANTICS, SHOW ME THE PAN WOMEN!!!!  Despite some peoples belief, we are a community that’s been around forever, and there have definitely been more queer folks on screen in more serious roles than in the past, but there is always room for more. Especially since queer women seem to occupy a weird space on tv and in film.
  5. Disabled Women: If anything has become clear in the current Hollywood shit storm it’s that men in charge are often more concerned with a woman’s fuckability than her depth. Therefore because society views women with disabilities whether they be physical or mental as unsexy it’s rare that they are portrayed or that actresses with disabilities are even given the chance to tell their stories. That needs to change. Women come in different, shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities and if we’re going to fight for the inclusion of one then we need to do so for all.
  6. Black women/WOC in Fantasy: I separate black and woc because different women need different things. For black women being seen as dainty and delicate is much more of game changer given the stereotypes surround them(/us). Therefore I want more black princesses and queens and fae. I also want to see more black and brown faces in the genre in general. After all, cultures have unique and fantastic mythology/ stories to tell, and contrast to popular belief Europe wasn’t white only until the modern age.  I want classic gowns, as well as tribal get up. Gimme all the FANTASY!!!!

I don’t have to tell you at this point how diverse we are as people. It’s time our media reflects that in places where it’s accessible to all. Regardless of how you feel about Pop culture, it shapes how a lot of people view themselves and all the types of women I’ve mentioned above need to be seen. Also, any intersection of all of the above is important as well. What kinds of women do you want to see on the big, or living room screen?

As always stay informed, and be good to yourselves. Next week (or this Wednesday) I’ll talk about THE MEN, and yes there may be some overlap.

*Featured Image: MORE THIS PLEASE


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