Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Out of the Tower and Into the Woods…Again

Continued from here: BLOOP


Leaving the tower, turned out to be far less dramatic than Reva assumed it would be. For starters there was a door and stairs they were just hidden by a spell. Despite Cassia’s insistence that it was hardly noteworthy that she could hack it, Reva remained impressed anyway, after all she rarely got to see any kind of enchantment in person (and she had no earthly idea how they’d get her wolf indoors until that moment). Now the two of them stood at the entrance and Reva sensed some hesitation.

“It’s a little chilly outside but I’ve got an extra hood if that’s going to be a problem for you,” she offered reaching for the satchel she’d attached to her pet.

“I’m not cold,” Cassia snapped. “Sorry it’s just that-” she hesitated-“I never really leave the tower. Not since I was little anyway.” Reva eyed her trying to decide whether she should pity this girl, barrage her with a million questions, or take the often ill advised route and crack a joke. Luckily for just about everyone Cassia continued talking instead. “I don’t need pity, and no my mother is not cruel. She was simply protecting me. Anti Witch sentiment isn’t a new thing you know.”

“Well as I told you before, I’ve got nothing against witches personally,” Reva shrugged. “I’ve only come across one once and she had a thing for eating children. Not that I hold that against the whole species.” Cassia nodded.

“But your friends the other bounty hunters, they do?”

“Let’s just say they’ve encountered more than one child eating wand waver in their lifetime and I’ll leave it at that. Anyway we should get moving, want to hop on?” Reva gestured to the wolf who had crouched down as if on cue. Cassia, who had at this point left the threshold bit her inner cheek. “He’s only vicious on command.”

“Alright, I guess I could give it a whirl.”

“Excellent, I’ve got some ropes to help keep you steady. It’ll be like riding a horse.”

“I’ve never ridden a horse.”

“Then you won’t even know the difference.”

Cassia stared at her incredulously for a moment before shaking it off and climbing onto the massive beast.  Gripping tightly to the fur around his neck she squeezed her eyes shut as he lifted off the ground and stood upright. There was clearly muscle hard at work underneath all the fuzz, but it still tickled and Cassia resisted the urge to sneeze in fear of letting go even for a moment. She slowly opened her eye’s to see Reva who seemed much to short from where she sat waving and grinning.

“Ready!” she yelled. Cassia grimaced and gave a quick nod in the hopes that she wouldn’t change her mind if they left quickly enough. “Come on then,” Reva said patting the creatures front leg before walking on.

*to be continued

****Whooo! We are out of the tower guys and into the forrest. Lots of terrible things in there. Including a switch in POVs maybe.


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