Monday Posts


I know I said I was not going to be updating as much while I work out getting a new blog (and I have a job interview today!!), but I still feel bad I just took last week off without saying anything so here I am! I think I’m going to write my post about non-binary/gender queer characters I’d like to see in media Wednesday or Friday depending on how my week goes. As usual, I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans so I’m just going to at home spa it unless as a result of my interview something comes up.

Naturally, I’m going to be seeing Black Panther this weekend so I’m definitely going to be talking about that probably until Infinity War part 1. Also while I’m in no rush for February to end I will be in Target as soon as Thor Ragnarok hits the shelves and I will switch off between that and Black Panther in my mind, possibly until the end of time.

In non- movie news being busy last week was not the only reason I wasn’t productive here. I was just dealing with everyone’s favorite houseguest Anxiety. Nothing too out of the ordinary, although I hadn’t had a problem with intrusive thoughts about death in a while so that was fun. Since my therapist was sick yesterday I didn’t get to talk about it much, and with the aforementioned interview I have today I realized I needed to get this out somewhere. So congrats guys you are the lucky ones!!!

In all seriousness, though whether I get this job or not I’ve been really committing to solidifying my actual goals, because while I do want money for financial independence ultimately I want to write and create. I have come to this conclusion before, but often times I still let other people/society get in my head about what my life should look like and I get unproductive and feel worse.

Ultimately (to sum up) we’ve reached the part where all the energy and enthusiasm we had for the new year starts to settle into realism, which if unchecked for me can lead to pessimism. So my ongoing goal is finding ways to keep motivated and continue pushing forward. Progress isn’t always linear, but it’s better to go backward a few steps than it is to give up and stop moving entirely.

See you later this week and as usual, stay informed and be good to yourselves!! PEace out mortals 😎


***Featured Image: My Art/Self Portraits of my cosplay.


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