Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: The Tower

Continued from last week.

Although even more impressive than the roomy tower was the inhabitants extremely long hair. The lady’s braid still hung out the window and she didn’t look the least bit perturbed.

“So who are you exactly?” she asked staring Reva down.

“Well my mother named me Reva, but a lot of people have dubbed me red,” she gestured to her red cloak. “And your name is?”


“That’s pretty, why’d your mother pick that?” Reva pushed forward.

“Why’d you come all this way out in the woods with a giant wolf?” Cassia countered. “Poor weather or not you could hardly be in any danger with that beast around. No one in their right mind would dare.” Reva pursued her lips, clearly this girl would not be easily fooled. If anything Reva had now lost her tiny advantage. So she attempted to change tactics, after all she still didn’t know who (if anyone) was the witch.

“My companion and I were making our annual trek to my grandmother’s house and unfortunately we got turned around by some changes to the path. I’ve never encountered a tower out here before though. That was a stroke of luck.”

“Ah, well I suppose the woods can get rather confusing. My mother’s always getting turned around so she usually adds markers in order to remember the turns,” Cassia nodded sympathetically. “Will your grandma be worried when you don’t show up?”

Reva shrugged and said, “She’s a tough old biddy and she raised me to be the same. I’m sure she’ll take my being late in stride. In any case my wolf is still down there, if you don’t mind…”

“Oh right,” Cassia knocked on her head and moved back toward the window. “I might be able to get him up here, but first I need to know one thing.” Reva arched an eyebrow and gestured for her to ‘go on’. In one swift movement Cassia grabbed Reva by her arm and put her in a choke hold.

“What exactly do you have against witches?”

“What the- What the hell are you-” Cassia pulled her in tighter. “I never mentioned witches.”

“You didn’t have to. No one lives any where near here, there’s no way you could accidentally stumble upon this place on the way to granny’s. In order to find this tower you’ve gotta know where to look, and by that I mean you have to be seeking out the magic. I don’t know how but you must’ve removed the protective barrier from this place and now I want to know why, and don’t think I didn’t notice that crumpled up piece of paper.” Reva squirmed unable to breath at this point. “Answer me!”

“Can’t-not- breathing-” Reva sputtered. Cassia immediately loosened her grip.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry I didn’t realize that I-” she started before remembering herself. “I mean, there’s more where that came from if you don’t confess.” Had she not been the one attacked Reva realized she might have found this amusing, instead she was more than a little bit teed off. Twisting her self around she used her Iron arm to shove the long haired wrestler wannabe off of her and grabbed her by the hair.

In response Cassia pulled out a small blade from inside her pocket and began swinging it haphazardly. “What the hell!” Reva growled. “One minute you’re miss hospitality and the next you’re choking people and waving knives around!”

“Don’t play the victim here,” Cassia grunted. “You’re a bounty hunter aren’t you? Well my mother is innocent!”

“That’s not for me to decide I just go where the money does.” Cassia, who finally got a good grip on her hair, pulled Reva forward and held the knife to her neck.

“You’re not making a single shilling off of my mother, understand?”


To be continued.

*Author’s note- don’t worry they’ll be friendly in no time. Also I’m sorry wolf you didn’t get to do much today. That will change.


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