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Rainy Day

It’s raining and gloomy as hell where I am and I’m not a fan of it. Contrast to how I might dress my mood has a better chance of being high when it’s sunny and somewhat warm. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I have seasonal depression but I certainly can’t stand Winter in spite of the fact that I was born in December. Oddly enough my sister who was born in May is the opposite (as she and I are with many things).

In any case I don’t care if you hate them or not, here’s a list of depression rainy day activities that help me feel a bit more productive when I’d rather be sleeping or burying my body in covers and pillows.

  • Eating: If you can summon the energy I’d recommend cooking even if it’s just spaghetti and sauce. It’s a low effort meal and eating is kind of important for survival. If you can afford it go ahead and treat yourself to take out (I still don’t have a job). If you’ve got social anxiety like me successful phone calls and money to pizza transactions feel like victories and the reward is a full stomach. It also guarantees you move around at least three times throughout the day.
  • Watch Your Favorite Movie/Show: I could probably leave the cooking channel on TV all day and be fine with whatever comes on screen, but when I need a pick me up I’ve always got a few shows and movies on I-tunes that I can turn to, to entertain me. Even when I feel like butt the familiarity can be kind of nice and a good comedy might get me laughing regardless of how deep my funk is.
  • Actually Sleep: If you’ve got nothing to do anyway, why not just take a nap if you think it’ll help. Naps for me aren’t always a win, however just lying down and resting is good enough.
  • Doodle/Sketch: It makes me sit up and makes me take a social media break so I can look at references. It’s also a good way to practice drawing without feeling like I’m working on a big project.
  • Text/Talk to Someone: It doesn’t even have to be about feeling blue. Most of the time I ask my sister what she’d interested in just to get a positive energy in the room. Occasionally I’ll text my friend a random opinion and that kicks of a conversation for a few minutes. Either way it’s low pressure and they won’t take it to heart if I change my mind and need alone time.
  • Blog: I’m a chronic procrastinator and anxiety and depression make me not want to work often so I created this blog in the first place to give me structured time to ensure I’m writing. Whether anyone reads this or not, I’m producing and creating and that matters.

***Featured Image: Just rain

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