Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Steampunk???

For Byron Englebert being an older brother meant getting your younger siblings into as many chaotic situations as was possible and making sure no one got killed. His youngest brother Jules was always ready to do just that while his other brother Ashe was less inclined to risk his life willy nilly. Nevertheless, Byron always managed to convince Ashe to do so anyway and today he hoped would be no different.

He’d received a letter in the mail from an inventor he’d been corresponding with as part of a mentorship system of sorts telling him he wanted to meet up in person. Byron had been working on a whole hoard of gadgets and gizmos in order to help with household chores, but alas his work did not always get appreciated. In fact more often than not his mother vetoed his technological help on sight as of late. Dr. Harland on the other hand seemed like he would be a kindred spirit. The problem was his parents refused to let him go alone.

“Ashe, think about it: a road trip with you, me, and Jules where we can do whatever we want,” Byron said trying to set the scene. “We could leave the country side and find all kinds of adventures in the city, including new foods to try out.” Byron waggled his eyebrows while Ashe looked up at him from his bed where he’d been writing in his journal. His cot was closest to the window and currently he was trying to get in some work before the sun got covered by clouds again. Their shared room was small and cramped though Byron had tried to improve the lighting with various attempts to create his own lamp variant.

“I have no issue’s with the country side,” he said not bothering to put his pen down. “And I refuse to give up my clean fresh air for smog central.”

“But what about the food,” Byron egged on. “I saw your mouth twitch your definitely interested in new cuisine right?” Ashe closed his book, but kept he hand in the page he was jotting notes in.

“As a matter of fact I’m writing down a new recipe as we speak,” Ashe said. “I think it’ll keep me occupied for a bit, but you and Jules have fun though.” Byron rolled his eyes in frustration. Jules (who at the moment was in their families butcher shop) was a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and responsibility. Without Ashe balancing them out he’d be forced to play babysitter and not adventurer. He decided it was time to change tactics and pull out the heavy artillery.

“Alright, I didn’t want to do this but I’m invoking Aunt Irma,” Byron said swiping Ashe’s journal from his hands and sitting at the foot of his bed.

“You can’t do that.”

“Oh yes I can, you’ve made me a very desperate man.” The two brothers stared each other down. It was quite rare to see the them on the same side of any issue as one ran eternally hot and the other forever cold. It had been that way ever since Ashe was brought home from the orphanage. Byron had wanted to play, but all Ashe wanted was to get a good nap in for once. Finally, however, as always Ashe relented.

“Fine I’ll go with you,” he groaned, “but if that inventor kills us or tries to experiment on me you are taking all the blame.” Byron beamed and scooted in to give his sibling a hug.

“You won’t regret this! Jules is going to be pumped. We need to start packing, we need to plan our route we gotta-”

“Give me back my journal and let go?” Ashe suggested dryly while his arms lay limp by his side. Byron released him and nodded handing him back his book.

“Hey,” he said giving Ashe one last look before getting up. “This is going to be great I promise.”


***Author’s notes: I doodled three brother’s earlier and before I knew it they had names and a story to tell. I didn’t get to it here (partly because they’re still fetuses) but it’s just Ashe who was adopted whereas Byron and Jules are biologically related. The butcher shop is their fathers’ family’s business and their mother is a teacher. The setting is up in the air though my art suggests Steampunk. Either way I hope you enjoyed. I will hopefully have these boys up on my Instagram (costumed_fiend) later today.


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