Monday Posts

More than One

I know it sounds hard to believe, but people can care about more than one thing at a time. I realize this might be new information for some, so I’ll take it slow. Often times on this planet multiple crises and events worth celebrating are happening constantly and it’s hard to focus on every last one of them. However when things are brought to your attention that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve stopped caring about other things. Take for example the issue’s involving the U.S’s current administration. It’s difficult to keep up with all the scandals and bullshit, but (and this is crucial) it does no good for the average Joe to decide one thing is a distraction when in reality we should just admit it’s all bad.

On top of being able to care about politics, and here’s where I may loose some people, I can also care about things that are happening in media on the fictional realm. As I’ve mentioned before, even fiction has an affect on reality, and on top of being aware of the quote on quote important information I’m also of the mind that we can still focus on the “frivolous” as well.

For instance HBO is possibly thinking of green lighting a show by the Game of Thrones show runners which would be about an alternate world were slavery never ended. This is a bad idea. Don’t just take my word for it (see: #NoConfederate). Have I stopped thinking about or giving a shit about the Healthcare bill or the constant hiring and firing that’s going on in Washington? The answer is of course no. I’m able to think that HBO’s idea is harmful and think the country needs a major political makeover at the same time.

I’ve even stretched my brain out as far as being able to still enjoy things like all the awesome news that came out of San Diego Comic Con last week. In large part because it’s not healthy to dwell/overload yourself with only the negative, but also because (and I’ll keep saying it until it sticks) enjoying and being critical of things aren’t mutually exclusive.

Now forgive me if this all reads as a bit condescending, however this is exactly what being told ‘you’re focusing on the wrong thing’ feels like when you’re a complex three dimensional person. In fact if you’ve made it here give yourself a hand 👏🏽 I realize that it can be frustrating at times when it feels like people aren’t focusing on the right topic or are ignoring an issue that matters a lot to you, however while humans can be an annoying lot, they are also much more capable than are often given credit for.  It’s possible to share information without assuming people don’t care about it, just as it’s possible for them to expand their way of thinking and still care about the stuff they’d previously held on to.

In any case as per usual, Stay informed and I’ll see you later this week!

***Featured Image: Itsa brain 😋


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