Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Time

Some thoughts/musings from a character not bound by regular rules. A deity from a story of mine who controls/rules over time.

This Needs More Time Puns

Of all the Gods, Goddesses, and other wise all powerful beings, Time supposed they ought to be more cognizant of well, time and just how much had past. Currently they realized when it got to the point where a relationship was ending, just how long you were together didn’t really matter. Especially when you were bored and had checked out at least a decade ago.

“Nothing personal Seph,” they’d said shifting into the form they knew would be most comforting. “We’re just getting a bit too predictable, after all nothing’s more stagnant than death.”

Sephtis, as he always seemed to do, took the news rather well and simply said, “If that’s how you feel then there’s not much I can do about it.” Time placed a kiss on his forehead and sighed.

“Even this breakup was boring,” they frowned. “I was hoping for a bit more fight and fireworks, but I guess that’s just not you is it.” Sephtis looked away and for a moment Time thought he would cry or yell or unleash his hellhounds. Instead he told them they were right and that they knew how to find the door. “Fine, I guess I’ll have to find excitement else where.”

Of course not just a week after they’d left they’d heard from one of the many messengers of the Gods (Time could never tell the scrawny bits apart) that the Underworld was in complete chaos. “Of course now he decides to be interesting,” they mused mulling over whether or not they should go back. It hadn’t been long enough to be dramatic though so they shooed the messenger away and went on about they’re business with a mortal begging them for an extension on a deal they’d made with one of the Deity’s children.

After a while Time had gotten preoccupied since mortals were always going on and on wanting something from them and realized it had been almost half a century since she’d been down under. Well better late than never, they smiled choosing between their more masculine or feminine form in a mirror. Eh I’ll go femme this time, they decided before taking off towards Sephtis kingdom. Upon reaching the entrance (known only to the immortal) they found themselves actually surprised to see someone their guarding it.

“Now this is a new development,” they said gliding over to guard whilst trying to place them. They looked like they were a reaper, a faceless, hooded undead lot Sephtis commanded to help collect the dead. Like Time they didn’t appear to be bound by gender, though Time hardly gave them much thought. They’d try to get them involved in some of her and Sephtis’s more amorous activities just to spice things up but neither party seemed interested. “If you’ll just pardon me…” The reaper held up it’s scythe and stood blocked Time’s path.

“No visitors,” it groaned out (not that Time could tell where it’s voice was coming from).

“You know that just makes me want go down there even more right?” Time smirked. The reaper didn’t budge. “Fine. I look too good to put up a fight tonight, but tell Sephtis my curiosity has been peaked and I look forward to breaking into the Underworld and flipping him inside out.” If Time had been anyone else the deterrent may have read as an insult, but perhaps they thought, Sephtis was ready to be fun again.


*Author’s notes: Okay that’s enough of Time for now (also at this point things start intersecting and this is still as much as I’m willing to share of my kid). This isn’t necessarily a finalized version of their characterization, but for the most part Time is always going to be an easily bored non-binary Deity of action, whom I picture as Cate Blanchett (especially after seeing her in the Thor trailers 😍). Anyway Thanks for reading see you Monday.

***Also if you are non-binary and have any issue’s let me know I want to get this right! I’m cis even if identify on the lgbtqa+ spectrum.


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