Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Repairs

My laptop is baaaaaaack! You didn’t know it was missing, but it was (kinda) and now it’s here, hence why Monday there was nothing. I need to double check to see if I’ve got all my stuff still here, though the computer guy said I didn’t lose anything (thankfully), however you never know. Today I”m going to keep it simple and give you two haiku’s* and a prompt:


Time’s Taunt  

Not a farm girl now,

though a Queen you shall not be.

Foolish mortal child.


The Underworld’s Flower

Gone before she’s here.

My brave mortal love, make haste.

Time is not your friend.


Prompt: You are the oldest of three children. Your younger siblings were all fated for adventure and have left you alone with your pushy father. One night a stranger passes through town and the next day they are gone as is your dad. What happens next changes everything…


***Author’s note- Both Haiku’s are related and use characters from my mystery story (which I thankfully saved on a hard drive before my computer troubles). I kept them slightly vague because I only have but so many syllables. I also just want to keep this under wraps. See you Monday, and maybe Sunday for a makeup.




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