Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: FIGHT!

I’m not the best at writing fight/action sequences, but here goes nothing! Same characters as last week. Yaritza (a Selkie) and Heath (a Werewolf) guest staring his old pack and maybe some neighbors. There will be cursing, because Yartiza curses:

Heath was late, and he didn’t text. Yaritza wasn’t the worrying kind, but she knew the people Heath was going to meet couldn’t be trusted. She’d seen the scars they’d left both physical and mental and she decided she would make her move now. Grabbing silver knuckles (she’d had specially crafted) and the daisy chain she’d made of wolfs bane she grabbed her keys and looked hesitantly at the silver bullet she’d kept hidden in her underwear drawer.

Do I trust my aim? She thought before deciding, Fuck it. It’s not like those assholes are going to play fair.  Adding the bullet to her supplies she put the small revolver it came with in it’s holster and put on a trench coat to attempt to look inconspicuous. Or at least not like she was carrying a myriad of anti- Werewolf style weapons.

“Where are you off too?” A chipper voice said as Yaritza locked the apartment door. Whipping around to face the cheer, she saw it was her neighbor Betty. Normally she didn’t mind the tall upbeat woman and her stories of old (she was a pretty ancient Vampire), but in the moment adrenaline was too high.

“Kick and hopefully save some Werewolf ass,” Yaritza grinned manically before quickly moving towards the stairs, she had no patience for elevators. Betty stared after her only somewhat confused. She’d been fascinated by the Selkie from the moment she’d entered her shut-in of a neighbor’s life and as usual she’d managed to surprise her again, which was no easy feat.

“Good luck?” she offered waving her off.

Yaritza gave a salute before disappearing down the 3 flights of stairs it took to get to the lobby. Hopping onto her bike she checked her watch one more time before riding in the direction of the woods. Yep, 3:45, late, she frowned. The town whizzed by in a blur of mostly blues and yellows and there were thankfully only a few people to watch out for before she made it to the entrance to the reservation.

She slowed off a bit to make sure she didn’t miss anything. Not that those mongrels were anything to shake a stick at, but she was better safe than sorry. It took her about 10 or 15 minutes before she heard the sound of obnoxious gremlin like laughter. To think these creeps are wolves not demons.

“Alright who’s next?” what looked to be the Alpha in human form asked gesturing to a clearly beaten and un-moving wolfed up Heath. Yaritza, who was already an active volcano at this point, was ready to blow.

“How bout’ I take a crack at it!” She yelled her voice cutting through all the cackling and fan- fare. All eye’s turned on her and in a flash she whipped out the daisy chain and wrapped it around the man closest to her’s neck. He let out a ‘gyuck’ in surprise and the others immediately came to his defense. Some as wolves and some remained human. Yaritza immediately began punching both left and right in the nose with her silver knuckles dodging and weaving as she went. One particularly scrawny wolf came up from behind her and bit down hard on her arm. Yaritza hissed in pain but refused to scream.

Conking the wolf on the nose with the butt of the revolver, Yaritza wrapped their legs in the wolfs bane once they fell and let it take effect. Most of the others at this point were either human again, burned, or writhing in pain. Only the Alpha and his Beta remained.

“This isn’t about you,” the Beta said not yet transformed. “He’s our business.”

“Ha!” Yaritza laughed. “He was never yours, you’re all a bunch of kidnappers.”

“We took responsibility for a lost neglected kid, I’d hardly call that kidnapping,”the Alpha put in still looking too un-bothered for Yaritza’s comfort.

“Look fucker, I didn’t come here to argue semantics, back away from the wolf and I won’t have to kick your ass like I did your pack mates,” Yartiza said tightening her grip on her knuckles with one hand and reaching for the revovler with the other. The Beta looked back and fourth between the small chubby Selkie, who to be fair did a lot more damage than either had expected, and his Alpha a man who a long time ago decided he’d have nothing to lose. Deciding not to chance it, the Beta shifted into his wolf form and stayed ready to pounce.

The Alpha stared Yaritza down and moved slowly towards Heath’s body and while maintaining eye contact gave him a swift kick to the stomach. The Beta jumped forward to attack preemptively but was caught off by the most disturbing, high pitched wail he’d ever heard. It was Yaritza and she’d charged forward, still yelling at the top of her lungs and swatted the Beta away like he was no more than a mosquito on a hot summer day.     

Taking precise aim she let the silver bullet lose and hit the Alpha clean between the eyes. As I thought, Yaritza glared. All talk. Taking a deep breath, and allowing herself to calm down Yaritza put the weapons away and went to Heath’s side her own arm still bleeding. Thankfully he was breathing, but she noticed blood coming from his mouth. There was too much fur to tell much else.

“Alright big guy time to go,” Yaritza said using every muscle in her body to place Heath over her shoulders. She may not have had her skin anymore but she was still stronger than the average woman, not that lifting 180 pounds worth of injured animal was an easy feat. The Beta looked at her with fear in his wild eyes as if he expected her to do something else, but Yartiza had gotten what she’d come for and no longer cared what happened to him or the others. Perhaps in the past she would’ve been angry and impulsive enough to kill them all, but Heath was far more important than that. Heath even in this state made her calm.

Moving both slowly and carefully Yartiza trudged forward adjusting Heath every once in a while to find a comfortable position for both of them. Time to go home. 


*Author’s notes: Much more action packed than game night right 😀 This is also apart of these two’s lives. It’s not always easy but they’ve got each other. Thanks for reading!


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