Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Selkie and Werewolf

Here’s a little blip/ peek into the lives of Yaritza and Heath. Two characters I don’t talk about much. Yaritza is a Selkie who lost her skin and Heath is a werewolf who was abducted as a child and has since broken ties with a toxic pack (his abductors). Those details aren’t super important right now, but context you know. Sounds upbeat and fun right? Anyway-

Game night. Heath had completely forgotten. The clock on the garage wall struck 6:00 and Vernon still hadn’t returned from his errand. Normally at this point he and Heath would be locking up and going their separate ways, but today they’d been dealing with a particularly overbearing costumer. Vernon had said he’d take care of everything, but Heath didn’t feel right leaving his friend all alone, nor did he think it was a good idea to leave the obnoxious rich guy in the shop by himself.

“I’m sure he’ll be just another 10-15 minutes,” Heath said in small part hoping to talk his desire into existence. The man snorted and muttered something about incompetence before looking back at his phone. It was unclear if there was a racial or species component to his comment because Heath and Vernon were both visibly black, but it wasn’t common knowledge that Heath turned into a hairy beast every full moon. Deciding to just ignore the client, he pulled out his own cell (which was ancient by comparison) and texted Yaritza to tell her he’d be late.

H- Waiting on a costumer

will b home soon…

Y- Didn’t you close at like 5:30???

H- Yah but this rich guy came in

and Vern and I didn’t want to

start troulbe

Y- Yeah troulbe would be pretty shitty 😀

H- You know what I meant

Heath shook his head, it was moments like these that he wished he had emoji’s or spell check at least, but he’d had a flip phone for so long and the salesmen who’d almost gotten him a smart phone was too, well much. Luckily he didn’t have to wallow in self pity for long because Vernon entered the garage with the air fresheners and an exasperated expression.

“I believe you’re all set now sir,” he said handing the man the bag with the goods and immediately putting his ‘I know we both want to leave so let’s get this over with now’ grin. The man snatched it away and checked it for it’s contents (As if Vernon would’ve bought knock-off air fresheners, Heath thought) and nodded.

“And my change?” he said sternly.

“Right of course,” Vernon pulled out his wallet. “Here you go.” The man also grabbed his money less than politely and from behind him Heath rolled his eye’s as he counted the cash. After the transaction was done and the shop was finally empty Heath and Vernon locked up and went outside.

“Jesus Christ, Heath, I swear I’m going to quit,” Vernon said taking out a cigarette. “Damn” It was the last one in the pack.

“You are never leaving Tony’s and neither am I, not if you want to eat or pay rent,” Heath countered taking out a lighter. He didn’t smoke, but he’d gotten accustomed to Vern’s habit and was always prepared. Vernon gave him a look but didn’t argue and moved in closer to accept the light.

“Anyway, I’m sure you’ve got better things to do so get outta here okay,” he said after taking a long puff. “Isn’t it like date night or something?” Heath shook his head.

“More like or something,” he replied. “But yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Yaritza decided she wasn’t going to be mad. It was something that was always a conscious effort on her part. True she’d taken the time to make snacks and set up all the monopoly money and scrabble tiles, but hey, what’d that rich prick care? He better not have been rude, Yaritza thought imaging some smug Daddy Warbucks type bossing Heath around.

After what felt like hours (but was closer to 30 minutes) of pacing and rearranging the Wii games Yaritza heard the familiar bronk of the door (which really needed fixing) and saw Heath come in.

“Finally,” she grinned. “I was about to go down to Tony’s and tell that guy to go to hell.”

“That wouldn’t have been ideal.”

“It would’ve been completely justified. I mean really, coming in at closing and expecting you to take care of him because what? He’s got money. What an ass.” Heath just nodded not wanting to fuel the fire. He knew that Yaritza was decidedly more annoyed by the customer’s wealth due to her own experience with greed. He was also far too scared to tell her the hold up was Vernon being ‘asked’ to go pick an air freshener on top of the car repairs because they’d run out.

“I see you’ve got everything set up,” he said changing the subject. “Is that salsa and guacamole?” Yaritza bit her inner cheek, but allowed her self to take the bait.

“Yes,” her smile returned. “Tortilla’s were cheap today so I decided to go the chip and dip route.”

“Cool I’ll be ready to dig in and play after I put my bag up,” Heath said returning the smile. Their apartment was fairly small so all that really entailed was him opening the closet near the front door and tossing his bag in the gap between his other sneakers and Yaritza’s all purpose shoes.

“Be warned,” Yaritza said starting in on the chips straight from the bag. “I’ve been glossing over the dictionary since I got home so I may have the advantage in scrabble today.”

“Well then we can start with Monopoly,” Heath said filling up a bowl for himself. It probably wasn’t the most glamorous way to be spending a Friday night, nor was it the most stimulating, but it’d been a long time since something so routine had brought him comfort and not even the somewhat asinine demands of his job could take that away. “I call the thimble.”


*Author’s note- Like I said the supernatural stuff didn’t really come into play much here. Unlike my other stories these two are more slice of life and don’t have action packed day to day lives though they’ve been/ do get mixed up in crazy shit. I might write about one of their more exciting escapades later/next week, but for now I wanted to just get comfortable showing them off.



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