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Saturday Story: This is Not Going to be a Thing

So yeah, four hours is how long it takes to pay for a permit at the DMV and STILL NOT TAKE THE WRITTEN TEST! If that confuses you join the club, because I have to go back on Monday in order to get this over with. Fun times 🙄

Anyway I promised you and myself I’d make up for yesterday so here are my sister’s Vampire and Demon characters (WARNING- Language):

When she was younger Aynur had been told not to trust demons. They were tricky, ruthless, and creatures of sin her mother had said disapprovingly. Aynur had believed that too, for a little while, but when she got older she begun to realize that the adults in her life threw those labels around to anyone they disagreed with. Eventually this included her. Of course now while she wasn’t a demon she was another beast entirely (A vampire, by choice (an important distinction mind you)] who was about to summon one.

“I don’t mean to disagree with you, my queen,” Aynur’s companion* said looking around the large hall uncertain. “It’s just that there are other ways to get the kind of power you want. Perhaps we could-”

“Enough,” Aynur said her voice hardly raised but still commanding. “This is the way I am choosing, and I will take no apprehension. Even from you.” Her companion nodded though she was still unsure and slipped seamlessly back towards the pillar she’d been leaning on. Aynur returned focus to the circle she’d created on the marble floor. It’d be an absolute shit to clean, however if the instructions she’d stolen from that desperate man foolishly diving head first into the supernatural were correct, that would be her new demon friends problem.

Biting hard into her thumb she let her teeth pierce through the skin in order to let blood drip onto the highest point of her symbol. Uttering the chant she’d spent hours deciphering she also marked the Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western points on the symbol before standing back on the outside. The blood began to bubble and sizzle up the moment it touched the floor and Aynur barely had time to leave the circle before it erupted into flames. Her companion growled at the flare and moved further back. Aynur on the other hand stood confidently and waited as they died down to reveal a small young man in an unusual bright red suit sitting cross legged in the circle’s center.

The young man had one finger in his nose and the other was scratching his nether regions vigorously. Aynur looked at him in complete disgust. This can’t be right, thought. “Oh, hello,” he said straightening up and ceasing the scratching. Aynur continued to look on in disbelief. “Okay not a very talkative boss, I see. Well allow me to introduce myself the name is Kane, I know hardly original for a demon there’s actually about a million of us down in Hades, if you will indulge me, but you can’t beat the classics.” Kane grinned as he exited the circle and extended his nose picking hand.

Aynur’s companion took offense at that and with supernatural speed intercepted the handshake and smacked the demon’s lanky limb away. “Do you have no dignity,” she hissed. “What on earth kind of demon are you?” Kane still grinned though more mischievously now.

“Not of earth,” he said simply wiping his hand on his suit. “Though based on that leap one could make a case about you: Vampire or Werewolf.” Aynur’s companion glared. “Ah definitely Werewolf.”

“I can take over from here,” Aynur said interrupting the stare down. “I didn’t summon you here to chat or antagonize my guard.”

“I wouldn’t judge you if that was true,” Kane said brushing past the now very annoyed werewolf.

“I certainly wouldn’t give a flying fuck even if you did,” Aynur said dismissing the demon’s casual tone. “I’m not sure I’m a fan of your flippancy. We have much to discuss Mr. Kane, but first I’d highly recommend you clean your hands and come to me ready to work.” Kane pouted and hovered in a circle around the Vampire Queen.

“I’m not quite sure I like the sound of that”

“Well the alternative is for me to put you back were you came from and find someone who does.”

“It would be if that were even possible I suppose, though that’d be a waste of so much blood,” Kane bristled at the thought and Aynur stiffened.

“I beg your pardon.”

“I’m afraid once summoned I cannot be un-summoned. You may not have given me orders, but you had intention in your circle and well I can’t leave until I fulfill my responsibilities. It’s Demonology 101. Don’t you vampires have you own set of cloying and archaic rules?” Kane floated to face the queen again clearly amused by the proceedings. Aynur bit her inner cheek. Finally she was able to identify that gnawing feeling in her stomach when she’d first laid eyes on this brat. She could no longer gauge who in the room was in control.


And that’s a wrap for now. Thanks for reading!

*Notes: My sister has not given the werewolf companion a name, so since my brain’s fried I just left her nameless.



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