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Genre: Found Family

Today I figured I’m going to explore genres. My favorite categories are usually comedy, fantasy, and romance. If a story has one or more of those things I tend to be sold. Recently I’ve realized that although it’s not an official category in media, both my sister and I really like stories with found families.

I’ve talked about my family on this blog sometimes before, and they’re great I have no need to really break free of them all things considered. However there’s something heartwarming in both fiction and real life about people making/finding friends who become a sort of surrogate family to them. The fact that they’re there because they want to be, not because of blood obligations is a feeling that can’t be replaced.

A lot of the things I read and watch as well as create and write tend to have that as a theme, which I realized in hind sight. Just recently my sister, dad, and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 which while overall a comedy is one of my recent favorites as a found family film. I even told my sister that the reason I like them a bit better than the Avengers is because saving the world isn’t a job to them, it’s just something they do accidentally. The characters interact like a family and not just a team.

From a writers perspective there are many different ways you can approach the subject of found family. It’s a strong enough theme to carry a story completely, although most stories take on multiple genres. I have a lot of duos/couples so they aren’t large families, but the idea is the same. Using again my story Peony and Joel (that’s pretty much the name now), both characters meet each other at a kind of crossroads. Peony (a werewolf) wants to end her curse and Joel (a shifter/wolfwere) wants to eliminate the human part. Joel lost his family to humans and Peony was given up as a baby for being a werewolf (if it sounds fairy tale like/ cartoony, it’s supposed to be). In their case they don’t fill out a whole team (although Peony does have adopted moms) but the idea that they created something new together fits in with the trope.

My sister’s characters (from two of my fiction Fridays) are also in that category and are part of a larger team. I don’t think any set number of people is required though there should be at least two when it comes to found families. I personally think this works best if you either breakfast club it (have people from completely different walks of life including people of privilege forced together) or you island of misfit toys it (this is more Guardians of the Galaxy or another series I like Six of Crows). There can also be crossover here, but generally speaking I think it can be broken down into those two categories.

I’d also add that in found families it’s not 100% necessary to have people fill in the ‘dad’, ‘mom’, and ‘kids/extended family’ roles although that sometimes happens. What makes them family versus just a team or a group of people is usually the levels of honesty the characters have with each other (which relates to how and why they bicker) as well as how often they hang out when they don’t have to.

I hope this helps a little if the genre is something you like or want to explore. On top of giving more writing advice on Mondays, I think I might try to break down more genres. I’ve talked about comedy before, but maybe I’ll come back to that as well as get into detail about fantasy and romance as genres. Also since I have more stuff to recommend now I’ll be posting again on Wednesday. As usual stay informed and see you later 🤓

***Featured Image– Look at these A-holes 😊


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