Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Witch Sister

I really don’t know what this is, but there’s (as the title implies) witches and sisters. I’m re-working a story that I started in third person because the voice just felt off so that’s taking up my time right now. I haven’t posted about that story because it’s my actual child and it’s nowhere near ready. In the mean time here’s this weeks blurb-

When they sat still and looked straight ahead there was no doubt that Irene and Marci Diaz were sisters. The minute they moved it was clear that parents were all the girls shared. Irene knew from the moment she turned 12 that she wanted to be a mother and pass down their families magic and traditions, while at age 12 Marci could still be found on the playground in no hurry to grow up or follow their traditions at present.

In spite of this the two girls managed to get along surprisingly well. When Irene married Richard Cordero regardless of some reservations, Marci returned home from her travels and was the maid of honor. When Marci found herself pregnant while divorcing Jacob George , Irene was quick to offer up her guest room.

“Our daughters can play together, and the two of us will catch up,” Irene had said giving her sister a tight hug. “You can stay as long as you need.” Unfortunately Marci’s needs conflicted greatly with Richard’s wants, and he was quick to learn that when it came down to it both girls would put their differences aside and that Irene would chose Marci over him every time.

“It doesn’t have to be this way you know,” Richard had told her with the last of his belongings in his hands.

“Will you accept my sister staying here indefinitely?” Irene asked her eyes weary from having this fight over and over. Richard just shook his head.

“Good bye Irene”

“Good riddance Richard,” Marci then said walking up behind her sister and putting her arm around Irene’s shoulder. Irene shrugged her off and walked back solemnly inside the house.

“It’ll be alright,” Marci said that night at dinner attempting to feed her daughter. “Men come and go for us, but-”

“Let’s not talk about this right now I just want to eat in silence,” Irene rubbed her temples. Marci nodded in agreement and returned her focus on her baby. Irene looked over at her own daughter who was sitting obliviously in her highchair. It’ll have to be okay, she thought, eventually. 


*I think I wrote this after watching Practical Magic so yeah… I hadn’t planned for these guys to murder anyone though 🤗


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