Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Bastion and Mags

My sister’s characters again, this time it’s raining and none of this is canon either. Also they curse so be warned-

Mags stared up at the clouds as if they’d betrayed her honor. The forcast had promised her a sunny day and all the dark gloom and doom up top was putting a damper on her and Bastions plans.

“Well looks like we won’t be meeting the others for a picnic,” Bastion shook his head moving up behind Mags. Mags continued to glare out the window defiantly.

“It could still-”

KA-BOOM! The sound of thunder shook through the small apartment causing Mags to jump as it was quickly followed by a flash of lightening and what appeared to be buckets upon buckets of rain.

“Well fuck you too then,” Mags stuck her tongue out before shaking her fist at the air. Bastion bit his bottom lip to prevent himself from laughing. He was actually kinda happy to be staying in, but he didn’t want to let Mags know that.

“We can still eat the shrimp cocktail and caesar salad,” he said gesturing towards his kitchen. Mags shrugged and closed the curtains still clearly disgusted by natures shameful display.

“With lemonade?” she asked finally turning to face the giant chimera.

“Lemonade and Iced Tea,” Bastion smiled grabbing two glasses from his cupboard.

“Alright then big guy, I’ll bite,” Mags said taking a seat at the small fold up table in front of Bastions Tv were a couch would normally go. “Let’s put on something funny before the power goes out and we’re forced to talk to each other like we’re not both socially awkward.” Bastion laughed a bit at that, which caused Mags to give a genuine smile. She’d been trying to get Bastion to laugh from the moment they were out of danger when they first met. However it was always mission this and angst that. It was a wonder she managed to find things to laugh about herself.

“Is there even anything good on?” Bastion asked as he removed the food from the basket he’d spent all morning placing it in. Mags turned on the Tv and began flipping through the channels randomly.

“Dunno, but we gon’ find out,” she smirked not really paying much attention to what she was skipping over. She eventually stopped at an old cartoon re-run while Bastion placed the food on the table and sat across from her. “What do you think the others are doing?” he asked passing Mags a knife and fork before digging in to eat.

“Probably crying wishing they were here,” Mags said taking a bite of shrimp before dipping it into some cocktail sauce. “Or more likely just staying in their own apartments bored out of their minds,” she added more seriously. “I’m glad I came over here first I’d either be alone right now or stuck in the apocalypse.” As if one cue thunder crashed and lightening sent an eerie glow through Bastions thin curtains.

“Yeesh,” Bastion said moving in on the salad. “it’s really coming down, I hope Marissa didn’t get caught in the rain, her wings would not like that.”

“Come to think of it Camille would probably actually love this,” Mags grinned looking up. “Hell I don’t even usually mind the rain I just really wanted to see what food the others would bring. We’re definitely long over due for some team building exercises.” Bastion nodded in agreement. He’d already quit the team once before and if it hadn’t been for Mags he wasn’t sure if he’d have ever returned.

“Well I’m sure we’ll regroup tomorrow one way or another,” he said while gnawing on a crouton. “This kinda weather tends to inspire assholes to show out.” Mags nearly choked on her shrimp and let out a inhumane guffaw.  Bastion blushed realizing what he’d just said. “You know what I meant,” he insisted to no avail. Mags got up and dashed over to his bathroom.

“Damnit!” she squeaked. “I gotta pee, I gotta pee!” As soon as she closed the door Bastion put his head in his hands. How quickly the mood shifts, he thought now wishing the group was there to serve as a buffer…


Yeah that’s it for now.


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