Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Prologue?

Wednesday I was a little busy and didn’t really have much to recommend so I skipped posting this week. I might post twice today to make up for it. If I do the second post will be last weeks story from the perspective of the other character present Mags. Right now I guess this is a prologue of sorts for something still brewing in my mind. Although I enjoy reading and watching romance, aside from making couples in my stories I’ve never really worked on a story where that was the main genre. This is my attempt at diving into that a little bit. I also may play around with an element of mystery. Save for the names some of the details are subject to change, but without further ado…:

Robert Vaughn is not the hero of this story, however it is vital to note that most of the action revolves around him. I cannot promise that it’ll all be pleasant, but I can say for certain that it will all be thrilling-

At a distance Mr. Vaughn was every woman’s dream man. He was handsome, charming, a divine dancer, and he knew just when to disappear and leave people wanting more. Those who knew him up close and personal however would paint an entirely different picture.

His valet, Lee, for example would argue that Robert was handsome because Lee made sure his charge was properly dressed, bathed, and groomed at all times. A task that could be difficult depending on said charges mood that day and his whereabouts the night before.

Robert’s fiancé, Ana, would add that his charm was purely performance and that behind closed doors he was quite dull and let out more hot air than intelligent conversation. If she was given enough to drink she would also add that, had her parents not put her up to it she’d rather marry the help.

Finally to account for his air of mystery you’d have to journey outside of his sprawling mansion and ride a little bit deeper into town past all the respectable forms of business. Once in the slums you’d have to seek out Genevieve and for a modest fee she could explain away Robert’s status as an enigma.

In theory these truths would have bonded these three strangers together, however pride while important has a way of making one turn down potential allies in favor for just a little bit more public dignity. Fate on the other hand cares not for the folly of man (or woman) because spoiler alert: Robert is murdered and they have to work together anyway.


Poor Robert ☹️

Okay maybe not really he’s a piece of work, but I definitely want to work with him and his murder suspects again so for sure to be continued….😈



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