Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Mags and Bastion

Okay so these are my sister’s characters:

None of this is necessarily canon, I’m just trying to work on their voices-


Bastion knew what it was like to be disrespected. He was very well aware of the fact that many found him to be an imposing figure. He wasn’t a human being, but he wasn’t completely a monster, at least that’s what he knew to be true. What he wasn’t used to was someone considering him a friend. An ally maybe, but never someone you’d hang out with because you wanted to.

This is what confused him about Mags. She was a bit abrasive and didn’t quite fit in herself, but it’d be fairly easy for her to soften her look and just go with the flow. Instead she chose to look sharp and hang out with him.

“Oye, tall one,” Mags said interrupting Bastions thoughts. “Are you listening? I said what do you want to do for dinner because I’m starving.” Bastion bit his inner cheek and slowed his pace.

“I could cook us something,” he said casually slipping his hands into his pockets.

“You cook,” Mags said bouncing in front of him to give him a once over. “Actually that’s not surprising I can see you in an apron acting all focused and measuring shit.” Bastion smiled at that, a small restrained kind of thing, but a smile nonetheless.

“I’ve been meaning to make myself some soup so it wouldn’t be any trouble,” he said side stepping Mags. “My place is just a few blocks away.” Mags turned to face him again this time scrunching up her face to appear to be in serious thought.

“I could soup,” she said finally causing Bastion to let out a breath in relief (he’d been unaware he’d been holding it until that moment). “Lead the way giant one.” Bastion nodded and moved forward.

I hope the place is clean, he thought to himself realizing that this was the first time another person would be seeing his apartment. Mags had to described her place as a ‘shit den’ before but he’d never seen it and couldn’t be sure if she was exaggerating or not. Either way he wanted to make a good impression.

“Well here we are,” Bastion said as he fumbled around for his keys. Mags looked up at the brick building and then back at Bastion.

“You sure you can fit in there?” she asked cheekily.

“I get it I’m very tall,” Bastion rolled his eyes as he put the key into the lock. Mags shrugged.

“Just making sure cause this building doesn’t look very sound,” she said walking in after he pulled open the door. Bastion ducked down to get inside and then followed her to the elevator.

“It’s held up this long,” Bastion said although looking at some of the mold on the interior he wasn’t quite sure how himself. The rent was cheap though, and being a vigilante didn’t exactly pay big bucks.

“What do you think the rest of the teams doing right now?” Mags asked her hand hovering over the elevators buttons.

“Third floor,” Bastion said taking off his coat. “Probably trying to find dinner too I guess,” he added answering Mags’ question. The two stood in silence for a while and Bastion wondered if he should say something to start up conversation again, but it seemed like all topics had left his mind. When the elevator hit the third floor the doors opened slightly and Bastion had to pull them open a little further which he was sure amused Mags to no end though she merely grinned. “It might be messy in there,” Bastion said pulling out his keys again.

“Can’t be any worse than my place,” Mags said casually. Bastion began to feel uneasy anyway. He peered in once the door was open and was relieved to see it looked halfway decent. However just before giving Mags the okay his phone rang. It was Marissa.


***to be continued


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