Wednesday Recommendations


Not a very clever title I know, but it is straight to the point. Today’s going to be another short one. I’m just going to recommend some of the people I watch on Youtube and why. Also I’ve brought The Get Down (on Netflix) up before but seriously WATCH IT! It’s on Netflix and I’d really love a season 2 as would a lot of people.

Makeup: I tend to watch a bunch of different tutorials, but these two are the main people I’m actually subscribed to.

Jackie Aina– She is very skilled and I enjoy her personality. I also appreciate that she calls out some of the shady business in the makeup industry and has a great assortment of wigs 😍.

Lisa Eldridge– I like the fact that Lisa does makeup on other models as well as herself. She seems to have a diverse set of clients and makes them all look good. She doesn’t tend to go heavy with the makeup which is nice considering I love watching people get really dolled up, but ultimately don’t go heavy with things like highlighter and contouring on a daily basis.

Education: Not to be that guy, but you really can learn from anyone and anywhere.

Kat Blaque– I’ve used some of her videos before in my posts and I know some people might see her name and go into anti SJW mode, but honestly even when I don’t agree with her I can respect Kat’s work. She has a lot of good educational content related to race and gender.

Sexplanations– These are quick videos featuring Dr. Lindsey Doe (as in she actually studied and got a degree in this) which have probably taught me more than any health class ever has. She’s covered several different topics and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Entertainment: What it says on the tin.

SimLivnColor–  This is Youtuber Hart’s gaming channel. It’s primarily home to her Sims 4 gameplay series which is just as entertaining as any drama on tv and has queer characters.

Andrews Arcade– Another simmer I like. I;m not a huge fan of how custom content looks so visually I like that he uses stuff that looks natural in the game and shows off the features accessible to me (my computer could not handle all the CC and mods). I also think Andrew does well with having diverse sims.

Akilah Obviously– She does all kinds of videos but the effort she puts into them is always clear. You might know her from this-


Anyway thanks for reading this meager list. Now go for and watch the Get Down…Seriously!


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