Wednesday Recommendations

These posts are usually longer than I intend them to be, but today was a little busy so this list of recommendations really will be shorter. I’m tired man.


  • Grace and Frankie– It’s pretty rare to see something centered on women over 30 or gay guys over 28 (okay I chose that age at random), but this show does both. I just finished the first season and I really enjoy seeing not just the title characters, but their ex- husbands and their kids stories unfold as well. I believe it’s a Netflix series.
  • Ernest and Celestine– It’s a bit quick with the plot, but overall Ernest and Celestine is a really cute animation on Netflix that I believe was originally french. Bears and Mice can be friends dammit!
  • Full Frontal with Sammantha Bee– Probably one of my current favorites for political satire these days. Sammantha Bee isn’t always perfect, but the humor is sharp and it makes getting through our current shit show a bit more bearable. Most of her show is on Youtube.
  • Harlots– My sister can attest to the fact that I made fun of the trailer because it kept coming on while we watched Black Sails, but I’m a sucker for period dramas, especially ones that acknowledge that Europe was always diverse. It comes out weekly on Hulu so I only saw the pilot, but I think it does a good job of showing sex work during the Georgian era as a real job women had. There were moments that could’ve been tighter for sure, however I’m overall invested in enough of the characters particularly after the season trailer.


  • Bingo Love– This is a soon to be comic. If you’ve got money to spare and want more diversity in comics this is a project I’d recommend (and have donated to myself).

Okay yeah that’s it for this week, I’ll have more for next Wednesday. As usual stay informed and I’ll be back for Fiction Friday!


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