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What’s so Funny?

Okay just as I wrote the title I heard my mailman laughing. Not going to lie that was really creepy. However it’s also a good example of comedic timing in real life. Humor like many things in reality is subjective. Part of what we consider funny relates to the element of surprise which is possibly why some people react to strange things by laughing rather than being outright scared or angry (don’t quote me on that). I personally have a bit of a dark/macabre sense of humor at times😈, while at other moments I’m easily amused by terrible puns🤗.

For the most part I believe that good comedy should punch up and not down as a general rule. By that I don’t mean nobody should tell jokes about race or gender, I mean that the person telling the joke should be aware of who society is going to see as the target. For example while I haven’t watched his new specials on Netflix, I have seen Dave Chapelle’s show on Hulu recently and think when it comes to race he mostly hits the nail on the head. Gender and Sexuality issues on the other hand are were Chapelle falls short as a comedian. The reason his race material is so great is because he’s speaking about a truth in society. Whether you like it or not black people often get the shitty end of the stick and he points it out in a way that also makes it funny and easier to digest. The reason his other material doesn’t hit the same mark for me is because women also have it pretty shitty as do people who identify as anything other than straight and all his jokes do is add fuel to an already raging inferno of hate. He also doesn’t seem to take into account the fact that people like me exist (black, female, and bisexual) which is why the comedy stops being relatable.

Now this post isn’t meant to critique Dave Chapelle alone, as I said I didn’t see his newer specials. What I said applies to other comedians as well. We don’t live in a post racial society and because of that when a white comedian makes racial jokes they are looked at more harshly because once again there are minorities in real life who have to suffer real consequences for being considered the other in society. Being ‘honest’ (in air quotes because even that’s subjective at times) isn’t the same as being funny, and one person’s truth could be another persons stereotype.

This is why when I make my recommendations on Wednesday’s when I include comedy I tend to add that I find the humor inclusive/non offensive because that’s something that’s important to me and others. Offensive humor has a time and a place, but like I said it should punch up at the people in power not down on the people who have no support system. This applies to class issues as well. I’m sure it would be pretty easy to see how a wealthy guy making fun of how poor people live would be kind of shitty. The same thing can be said of the other issues I mentioned too.

To wrap up, I find it quite laughable when people think I (or those darn SJWs) don’t have a sense of humor, partly because I often times find some of the ridiculous comments I’ve seen people send hilarious rather than offensive (like how can a person be that obtuse?) and partly because I laugh whole heartedly at plenty of things. I just don’t think you need to be a jerk to minority groups and women to be funny. As usual stay informed (part of comedy is keeping up with what’s going on) and I’ll see you Wednesday. I’ve got skin stuff and book stuff to share.


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