Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Haiku’s

Here’s a few Haiku style poems (5 syllables/7syllables/5syllables) about a creepy Diner*:

One Stop Diner

Drive until you’re here

In the middle of nowhere

Stay for the good grub

The Staff

The short one will snark

The tall one will be kindly

Don’t make Inez mad

The Food

It may not be yours

But you’ll eat it with gusto

Wash it down with lies

The Chef 

Send him compliments

If you want to leave alive

Best to tip the girls

The Bill 

If you’ve made it here

The bill’s already been paid

Get out while you can

*I’m not a huge poetry person, however I like the structure of Haiku’s and enjoy stretching myself to tell a story in 3 lines and with 17 syllables. The diner was somewhat influenced by my listening to Welcome to NightVale, but it’s its own thing.



4 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: Haiku’s

  1. Well first, don’t ever make Inez mad. Ever. Second, you’re “not a huge poetry person”? What?! That’s just because you haven’t read super awesome poetry. Hmm … where could you find super awesome poetry … hmm? If only there were a blog. If only there were a link right here you could click: If only!!!


      1. Many thanks unto you. Hopefully your peek was enjoyable. Hopefully you encountered wonderment and enlightenment.


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