Wednesday Recommendations

More than Hair and Makeup

Sup’ youths or elderlies today’s the day I recommend things to you. This week I don’t really have any hair/makeup stuff because I’m trying new things and I don’t know how they’re working yet. So today’s categories are going to be food, podcasts, and tv/film.

Food: I did a post about baking before, but this won’t be all recipes and will feature food related tools too-


  • Cupcakes- The above pictured are pretty much from a store brought mix, but if you want a twist on the usual Vanilla/White cake mix then I’d recommend buying pretty much any brand, though the recipe I got was from Betty Crocker, and then adding orange jello mix. It sounds weird, but it tastes way better than you’d think. As usual I replace water with milk and I tend to just stick with Vanilla frosting, but you can use whatever you want. Otherwise follow the box instructions.
  • Grilled Salmon- Obviously if you don’t like fish/salmon this isn’t going to taste good to you, but this is less of a recommendation of grilled salmon and more me pointing out how easy it is to make at home if you do like it. I use this grill


          and it I’ve found using it to be easy and it is great when it comes to cleaning.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: I’m still figuring out what recipe I like best from scratch, however on days when I feel lazy I’m pretty much a Pillsbury person all the way. I’m a self proclaimed cookie snob so I’m not really into cookies from a box (except for Thin Mints 😎) so when I want them for desert I prefer Pillsbury to other brands. I know Friends made Nestle Toll House seem like heaven sent, but I personally think the dough boy got them better.

Podcasts: I feel like podcast are still kind of new and everyone of course has their own tastes, but here’s a few of varying genres I’m liking at the moment-


  • Welcome to NightVale– Much like with the comic book Saga, it’s the podcast version of why aren’t you already listening to it! I will say that it is very weird right away and it can get a bit graphic, but it’s more existential at times than anything and as someone who is very uncomfortable with death (you wouldn’t know by my love of the dark) it’s strangely comforting. There are also quite a few characters of color and townspeople of varying gender and sexual identities including the host.
  • Alice Isn’t Dead– It’s by the same creators of Welcome to NightVale and stars Jasika Nicole (who has the best voice). While NightVale is just plain weird but overall harmless (it’s extremes are played more for laughs) Alice Isn’t Dead can get genuinely creepy so that’s just a heads up. However even my scardy cat self enjoys it none- the- less.
  • Last Name Basis– I think one of the biggest troubles with having an online presence is that you can come off as pretty one dimensional. Particularly if you consider yourself an activist or speak out on social issues. This podcast staring Franchesca Ramsey and her husband Patrick to me shows someone I respect as a human and not just a collection of activist videos and posts. The two of them are also just hilarious together.
  • No, Totally!– This is one I just started listening to and like Last Name basis is not fictional and is more conversational. I always try to get new perspectives and in spite of what some people think based on my appearance I’m not Asian (like at all as far as I know) so having an actual Asian persons perspective on life and media (one of my favorite things to discuss) is really refreshing. This is one I found through twitter. Also support it financially (I’m too poor to right now)


  • Into the Badlands– I think it’s pretty obvious that I watch a lot of tv, but moving on, Into the Badlands is a lot of fun (and one of the actors liked my tweet😊). The action is wild and if you like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the fight scenes will be something you will love. It’s a fairly standard story however the characters are pretty strong and the world building is unique which makes up for it. The first season is on Netflix and if you want your Iron Fist fix but don’t want to support the behind the scenes bullshit then this is the show for you (it has actual Asians in the lead).
  • Star Vs. the Forces of Evil– Kind of a 180 on the above choice, but I recently got into this cartoon and like with most things I expected to be pure fluff, there’s actually a more sophisticated story going on. I mean granted there is still plenty of gross out kiddie humor, but overall it’s definitely something I would’ve been into as a kid and can still appreciate now from an animation and story telling view point.
  • We Bare Bears– Yet another kids cartoon that I’d expected to be soft that got me all teary eye’d at moments. Unlike Star, We Bare Bears doesn’t seem to have a deeper lot in motion, however it still manages to hit you at your core anyway. Also the creator pretty much said the bears are a metaphor for being the ‘other’ in society which is quite relatable.

Okay that’s it for now because this is getting long. Anyway even if none of these interest you at least you got to see my really awesome Halloween cupcakes from last year. Stay informed and see you Friday for who knows what.


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