Wednesday Recommendations

Take it or Leave it

As promised I’m back with more recommendations for things: some new, some old, all watched/listened to/ used by me before. Like last week I’ll divide everything into categories.

Makeup: I’ve already mentioned my basics so for today I’ll just list some of the extra products I use on occasion as well as particular eye shadows or lipsticks-

  • Highlighter- I don’t use it often, but Nyx Liquid Illuminator in Gleam and Pure Gold are what I put on my cheek bones when I do.
  • Eyeshadows- Mostly Sugar Pill (Goldilux loose eyeshadow, Elemental Chaos/Soot&Stars/ Subterranean/CandyCrush/Frostine pressed eyeshadow), Urban Decay (Electric pressed pigment palette, primer), and Elf (flawless eye shadow [Smokey]).
  • Lipstick- Organized by color: Gold (as pictured on the far right), Black (it’s been a while since I needed a new one so maybe the formula’s changed, but this was a little messy. I just used a black eyeliner to line my lips), Pink (in Thalia in case it doesn’t link to the color directly), Purple (substitutes- Transylvania), Red/Purple (Siren like the third from the left).

Tv/Film: This’ll be a shorter list, probably-

  • Leverage– It’s not a new show, but I started watching it last year and I find it entertaining. The whole thing’s up on Netflix and if you like heists it’s a good way to get in the mood without watching Oceans 11 or something. The characters are all like-able and it’s pretty high key anti corruption/anti capitalism.
  • Galavant– Not as old as Leverage, but still not brand new. If you like fantasy and musicals this is a fun show that pays homage to and makes fun of fairy tales with some catchy songs. It’s also all on Netflix, and my sister and I have yet to finish the second season (due to laziness mostly).
  • Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries– It’s pretty much what it says on the tin so if you like detective shows and want to see a female flapper from Australia solve some mysteries this show is all on Netflix too. Also try not to ship Phryne and Jack (you will get pulled in).
  • Couple-ish– This is actually a web series. Pretty much the beginning of 2017 when I was sick I binge watched so many different youtube shows (that I honestly should have watched when they came out…) and this was one of them. It features a non-binary main character (played by someone non-binary) as well as adopted siblings and other LGBTQA focused people. It’s pretty cute.

Books/Comics: I didn’t recommend any last week so I am rectifying that right now! I still enjoy Young Adult literature (I am only 22), but I can enjoy almost any genre (like with TV and film) and read a lot of comics so this list may be more comic book heavy, at least today-

  • Yona of the Dawn: Yes I read manga, I put it in the comic book/graphic novel category. I actually didn’t know this was released in English until I saw it at my library. It’s really good if you like fantasy, a little romance, and a well developed heroine. The main character isn’t the standard cry-baby/not like other girls shoujo hero, she starts off somewhat spoiled and really develops over time. It’s still ongoing and I’m not done yet, but I’m sure you can find it online for free pretty easily.
  • Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches: This you can also find online fairly easily. Despite the fact that there is a witch element to this story it’s more slice of life and comedy than anything. I found this after I started the authors other series (which is unfortunately not published in english), Flunk Punk Rumble/Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, which is also very hilarious. I’d recommend both.
  • Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom: This book series is why I started getting into Leverage because I love a good heist story, and after the first books cliff hanger I needed something to fill in the gap. This is a young adult book, but it feels in no way like the author is talking down to the target audience, which is one of the other things I like about it. The other being the complex and (in my opinion) very likable characters. It’s a fun ride for just two books and I’ve already convinced my friend to read them so if you haven’t already now’s the time!
  • Saga: Why aren’t you already reading this?
  • Kindred: This isn’t a new book, but I only recently read it (which is a shame on my part). There’s now a graphic novelization out of it which is what prompted me to buy the original. As a personal rule I don’t really seek out novels fantasy or otherwise about slavery. I’m black, I know what happened, and I prefer a little more magic and grandeur. However Octavia Butler is kind of a must and Kindred is sadly still pretty relevant to our times so if you haven’t already read it, I’d suggest getting on it right away.

That’s all my suggestions for today. I hope I delivered a wide variety of shit for you to get lost in. I definitely still have more books and tv/film to recommend. So don’t worry I’m not going to run out of material anytime soon. To make up for a lack of hair and well makeup stuff I might add food on my list. As usual stay informed and I’ll be back Friday.



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