Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: About You

Job hunting is annoying. Here’s part one an old story. I was experimenting with 2nd person POV:

There were two things that you loved most in this world: writing and conspiracies. It was only natural that you’d major in journalism. True there were a lot of rules to follow and red tape to dodge, but you knew that if you’d worked hard, you’d be writing hard hitting articles in no time. At least that was the dream.

Currently you were pretty low on the totem pole at your local paper. It was convenient since the office was only two blocks from your apartment. You could walk there, and frequently did for the exercise. Every morning you’d whip up some waffles make some coffee and head out the door eating and drinking as you went. You knew you looked ridiculous but that hardly mattered to you. Upon arriving at your small work place you were always greeted by Linda. Out of all the people you worked with, you liked Linda best. She dressed vintage every day and wore her make up pin up girl style. It suited her round face well. You also envied her hair, she was always so creative with it, while you usually kept your mid length mop in a pony tail for convenience.

“Good morning, Sam,” Linda chirped on schedule one morning.

“Morning,” you replied having downed the last of your coffee on arrival.

“Mr. H wants to see you today, when you’re free,” she added while gesturing to your mouth. Nodding you wipe off the waffle crumbs and straighten up. Your boss Mr. H was a fairly intimidating man, even to you. No one in the office was really as scary as they’d tried to come off upon your arrival. Not even Becky, who considered herself your rival. Speak of the devil, you thought to yourself as the very familiar sound of Becky’s sharp heels clomped toward you.

“Good luck, in there,” she said gesturing towards our boss’s office. “I hear he’s got a cold today, and is taking no prisoners.” You smile and nod politely as though she’d given you some great advice, even though judging by the grin on her face, you could tell she wasn’t sympathetic at all.

“I think I’ll be good, people really loved my last article about Shelia the stray,” you said still smiling. “He probably just wants to praise me for that.”

“Who knows,” Becky shrugged before walking back to her desk. Rolling your eyes once she was out of sight, you place your bag next to your computer and made your way to Mr. H’s office. You may as well get it over with early.

“Sit down, Samb,” Mr. H said. You could hear the congestion in his voice.

“What is it you wanted to see me about sir?” you asked hoping to skip any formalities. Mr. H nodded, you supposed he was happy to get straight to the point as well.

“I know you’re always digging around searching for a bigger story, in fact just the other day the mayor complained to me about your constant questioning of him.”

“Sir, I-“

“Let me finish.”

“Of course, sorry sir.”

“In any case, I thought to myself, I said ‘Fredrieck, what are you going to do with this busy body you’ve gone and hired’. Then it hit me, the perfect job for you. Our sister city hasn’t been in contact with us for quite a few years. What better way to give you the excitement you desire then to send you on a little trip.”

“So you want me to write an expose then? On our sister city?”

“Something like that, yes,” Mr. H concluded. You couldn’t believe it. It might not have been the most trilling topic in retrospect but still. This was the break you’d been looking for.

***Next week for the rest, then it’s back to Demons for those of you who liked the other story.


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