Feeling Chatty

I’m not going to make blogging everyday a thing, at least not right now, however there are two things that came to mind today that I didn’t want to wait until Monday to share. The first being that I just left my first official career fair as an alum (from another school) and it didn’t go terribly. The second, that with a few exceptions, I’m taking a bit of a social media break.

Not to give all my personal information away but I’m related to an employee at the City College of New York, which is where I moments ago attended a Job fair and didn’t tank. This matters (at least to me) because I dread most social situations particularly one’s where I’m expected to be charismatic (or at least sellable to an employee). It’s always a relief therefore when I’m reminded that a lot of my fears are only in my head. If you’re like me and don’t thrive in the career fair type settings at least know that you aren’t alone and that it is doable. That thought and my inner geek are what really pulled me through. The inner geek because if you think about all the tables as booths at comic con it becomes a little more exciting and who doesn’t love free stuff (mostly pens tbh).

On the topic of geekery (smooth transition there) my social media break is mostly due to me not enjoying it right now. Most of the incoming real world news I get from twitter is terrible and while a lot of awesome stuff is happening for diversity in media right now, a lot of shitty stuff is starting to come out too. Specifically the live action Beauty and the Beast (which believe me I’ve complained about at length and is admittedly personal for feminist reasons not conservative christian mom reasons) and Ghost in the Shell (whitewashing- look it up). To a somewhat lesser extent the mixed feelings surrounding Marvel’s Iron Fist are a frustration as well. With that in mind, at least for the month of March I’m giving twitter and tumblr a break. It’s hard advice to actually take but sometimes you need to be able to just take a break. I can’t stop being black or bi or female (nor do I want to), but I don’t always have to throw myself into situations where I know people don’t care about humans like me.

I will still be going on Youtube and Pinterest though. Youtube because I enjoy the people I follow and use it to stay informed (there are more than just cat vids you know), and Pinterest because I actually use it for a lot of drawing and story inspiration both of which I want to continue practicing and building a skill in.

That’s just me though.



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