Wednesday Recommendations

Wednesday’s too?

So Wednesday’s for me are pretty open at the moment, therefore I figured I may as well post today as well. I’m just going to make a list of things I recommend. Some things are new finds, many things are old, but hey it’s never to late to discover something.

Hair: Honestly I’m still figuring out what works best for my hair and what doesn’t. My hair is biracial and I have 0 ideas what to call my curl pattern but here’s a pic and what I use for Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave In-


Makeup: I’ve got oily skin, pretty big pores, and acne just fyi. I’m also a big eyeliner person, don’t really wear blush all that often, and I like dark lipstick on occasion. Below are just what I’m into lately. I don’t recommend a translucent powder because I’m still seeing what works and doesn’t for me-


TV/Film: I gave a few recommendations during my black history month post, but I watch more tv and film than that so-

  • Black Sails: Seasons 1-3 are currently on Hulu. I like it because it has pirates, black people, and LGBTQ+ characters that are all complex. I’m personally not the worlds biggest Treasure Island fan, but I do like the movies it’s spawned and this series is considered a prequel which really does give the original story more weight.
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine: Also all on Hulu currently. If you liked Parks and Recreation these are the same creators, and it’s an all around a funny show that proves you don’t have to take shots at minorities and the disenfranchised. The cast is also pretty diverse and even if you’re not an Andy Sandberg fan I’d say everyone gets even play on screen.
  • Speechless: No I’m not being sponsored by Hulu, but yes this is also on Hulu. Speechless is a family show based on the creators experiences with a brother who has cerebral palsy.  The actor playing said brother actually has cerebral palsy so between that and the creator it doesn’t feel cheap and I’ve seen people agree it’s pretty accurate representation. I’m personally tired of family sitcoms and this show does get cliche at times, but it is a nice change of pace to see a different, but still very real family portrayed on television.
  • Master of None: This is a Netflix show (which I’m also not sponsored by) created by Aziz Ansari (of Parks and Recreation fame). Admittedly I found the first episode to be a little slow, but it picks up and the oddly enough my favorite episode is one that follows featuring Aziz’s actual parents.
  • One Day at a Time: Also Netflix. See my thoughts here.
  • Bojack Horseman: We’re just in the Netflix portion I guess (last TV show this week I promise), but I recently started this show having seen it recommended a few times on tumblr and twitter so there’s that. It’s an oddly relatable cartoon about a depressed horse.
  • Logan: I literally just saw it on Saturday and can honestly say it’s the best Wolverine movie made, and possibly the best of the X-Men films in general. To be fair the bar was set pretty low for that, but still if you like Hugh Jackman and his portrayal of the character this is the farewell we deserved. It really earns it’s rate R rating. Also there’s a Deadpool 2 teaser that is hilarious 😂
  • Lego Batman: If you like me have mixed feelings about Batman or are a fan of the character who doesn’t mind making fun of him then you’ll probably enjoy the Lego incarnation of his character. It was either this or John Wick and Will Arnett parodying Christian Bale won out. Also Batgirl and Robin making it back on the big screen!!!!
  • Hunt for Wilderpeople: Back to Hulu momentarily if you’re interested in knowing just who the man behind the new Thor movies is I’d recommend both this film and What We Do in the Shadows. Taika Watiti has done/acted in other things but these are the two that I’ve seen. I’m a fan of his and both these movies are different from each other but equally funny.

That’s all for this week. This was way longer than I’d intended it to be but trust me I’ve got more stuff I can list of next Wednesday. For now I’ll leave you with an animation made by my sister:

Stay Informed and see you Friday 😊

***Featured Image: Me and Minion Wolverine. Yeah…



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