Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Random 3


That caught my attention. “Why not be a doctor?” I asked before taking a sip of my newly arrived drink. The fan shrugged.

“Less school mostly,” he said, “also my older brother’s already a doctor so I’m not trying to copy him.” I liked this kid.

“Well that’s as good a reason as any, I didn’t go to college myself,” I said getting up and moving to the seat directly next to him. “The name’s Z by the way.”

“Isaac,” the boy replied. “I actually just finished taking a major exam, this was supposed to be celebrating that.” I looked around to see if there were any other students around, but the crowd looked fairly 30s and older.

“By yourself?” I asked trying to avoid looking at Isaac sympathetically. He scratched his nose and stared at his feet.

“Well I came here to study so it made sense to come back to celebrate,” he said shrugging again.

“Sounds smart,” I said raising my glass. “Here’s to you getting a good grade and to me never having to deal with slimy abyss creatures ever again.” He laughed.

“Cheers to that,” he smiled as our drinks clinked satisfactorily. After a bit more small talk I found out that Isaac was a dreaded middle child, had two friends who were ‘busy’ that night, and was a total dork. In my mind I pretty much adopted him on the spot.

“Need any help getting home?” I asked while grabbing my trusty baseball bat (yes that is my weapon of choice, trust me it’s really badass). As if in response Isaac stumbled a bit and nearly fell over getting up off the stool while giggling.

“Maybe jus a lil’,” he slurred. I nodded and picked him up bridal style (easier for me). “Why aren’t you blurry?”

“I don’t really get drunk so much as heavily buzzed and tingly, it’s nice, but it doesn’t allow for many embarrassing benders…Unless I just lie and fake it, which would actually be really dumb-”

“Thas cool,” Isaac said clearly nodding off. I rustled him a bit.

“Hey I’m not a transporting service, you stay awake until I get you back on campus.”



After dropping Isaac off and having his roommate collect him I made my way back to my current nook. My horns were aching at this point, another side effect of drinking too much. One that I hardly understood given how I’d never read about or knew of any demon who was negatively affected by alcohol, but then again I was still a major anomaly in general.

As soon as I got to my motel room I plopped on the bed and stared at the bathroom door as if it would be the deciding factor in whether or not I would shower or simply pass out. The door was slightly cracked open and looked very inviting, but after moving just an inch to the left the bed won out and I got too comfortable to move. I’d only got about an hour or two of sleep before my cellphone buzzed directly in my ear.

“Damnit,” I hissed only half awake. I knew I should’ve just put my phone on the nightstand but I always tossed it under my pillow out of habit. Without even bothering to check who it was I swiped to answer. “What, it’s late or early or whatever.”

“Hey Z,” a chipper upbeat voice sang out on the other end. My annoyance grew. I only knew of one person who could sound so cheerful at 3 am.

“Are you kidding me,” I growled turning onto my side. “Why are you calling me, hell why haven’t you deleted my number.”

“Oh my god, relax Z,” the voice said still too pleasant. “You know I don’t like to burn bridges.”

“Yeah, just break hearts,” I shifted again now awake enough to be on full attack mode.

“Look I wouldn’t be calling you if it wasn’t serious,” the voice (which I’m sure you detectives out there can surmise belonged to my peppy ex) said donning a more serious tone. Now I could finally smile, she’d dropped the niceties.

“Well then hurry it up I’d like to get back to sleep before the sun rises.”

“My brother’s gotten himself into a bit of trouble. Remember when I told you he used to hang around these idiots who were always trying to summon shit-” I nodded though she obviously couldn’t see me-“Well he met up with one of them again to catch up or something, and now he’s gone missing.”

***to be continued…


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