Queer Black History

To be honest I was going to format this post like last Monday’s, but as I went through the week I found a lot of different articles and material other people had made, as well as another Kat Blaque  relevant video on the topic so I figured today would be more about links than my descriptions. Black people on the LGBTQA+ spectrum have been just as major a part of history than those who didn’t fall under that umbrella. This matters because the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality effect people now just as it did then. So without further ado:

  • Bayard Rustin– Bayard Rustin was a gay man who influenced MLK’s Non-violence and was the organizer behind the March on Washington where he famously delivered his “I Have a Dream” Speech (Kat’s description).
  • Josephine Baker– Baker was an openly bisexual woman who, during World War II used her fame as an entertainer to gather intelligence for the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation.  Using her celebrity as a cover, she carried sensitive documents to neutral countries and allied occupied areas, sometimes using invisible ink on sheet music.
  • Here is a Huffington Post article featuring Alice Walker, Langston Hughes, Audre Lorde, and more.
  • This link is to the website I’ve been using for descriptions’ page dedicated to LGBTQA+ It has other people as well as some of those mentioned above with links to their brief biography as well as other sources.

Plenty more resources are a google search away, but I know it’s not easy to find things if you aren’t sure where to look. This is honestly more the point of these Black History posts than anything and I hope that like with last week I gave you a few new people to think about. I haven’t decided on a theme for next week, but I do want to note that Black history isn’t just in America (hence my inclusion of Chevalier de Saint-Georges last week) and may go that route. Until then see you Friday for fiction!

*Image- Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker 😘


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