Fiction Friday: The Creative Juices Aren’t Flowing

I know, I could honestly just skip this Friday without a word, but I still prefer to give some type of explanation for my laziness-er, lack of activity 😬 Today my brain has been mush, and as I’ve said before most of my fiction stuff is spontaneous. I usually have an idea in mind earlier in the week, but the writing is the day of. This isn’t really going to work anymore so while I’ll still be posting Friday’s I’m going to need to start writing and having stuff pre-prepared. Anyway for those of you who are sticking around: Thank you!!!!!!! Next week I’ll try to deliver something good. I’ve currently still got supernatural on the brain, so whether it’s mermaids or vampires I will try to make it fancy and edited. Until then, here’s some links to web comics I’ve been into (sorry if you’re not into romance it just occurred to me that they all fall under that category 😏):

  • Love Not Found–Β is a story about a young woman living in a time where touching has become outdated. She has recently moved to a new planet and finds that touching might not be such a bad idea. Now she is on a quest to find someone who wants to do things the old fashioned way! (website description- to add to that their poc and lgbtqa+ representation)
  • Disney School– It’s basically just Disney characters in high school focusing on Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Little Mermaid, and The Hunchback of Notre dome. It needs some support (financially) and I think it’s pretty cute.
  • Beauty and the Beast– I think I’ve made my feelings about Disney’s new version clear, and if I haven’t, here it is: I’m not interested. I love the original and the story in general however, so I was happy to find this way before the tag on tumblr became unbearable. If you like this I’d also recommend this short story as well: Beauties. It’s only 2.99, very cute, and beautifully told and drawn. Also just check out Trungles art in general.

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