Hidden Figures Paying it Forward

Today’s not going to be a long post, but as usual that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say. Last Saturday I finally got to watch Hidden Figures, and long story short, I loved it. There are several reasons why, however this isn’t intended to be a review, but rather me sharing one of the things I found most important about the film: The women all supported each other. When society is working against you, it does so by trying to make you feel like you’re in a competition with the people around you, when in reality you have a better chance at success if you nurture each others talents.

The lead character Katherine is given the support of her parents and teachers at a young age, which sets the movies story in motion. The character Dorothy Vaughan really demonstrates this when she learns a valuable skill for her job and then goes a step further and teaches it to all the girls she works with. I don’t want to get specific for the sake of avoiding spoilers (though if you haven’t watched Hidden Figures yet get on that!), but women helping each other is sadly not all that common in media.

After I returned home I was reminded why I believe it’s important to share with people what you’ve been taught. It’s unfortunately not possible to live off of giving away your knowledge for free all the time, and I completely understand people who won’t work without pay. Especially artists because it’s hard to get respect let alone a decent salary in that field, however not everyone can afford to buy movie tickets or the fanciest computer, and so in order to spread information sometimes it’s important to pass it on without charging for it. This is why I want to incorporate more of what I know as far as English goes in my Monday posts on occasion.

During February I want to do profiles for Black History Month, but next week and during March I’ll probably try to do more grammar related work, and things of that nature.Until then, have a good evening and see you Friday 😁

*I’m not much of an artist but I drew today’s featured image. I plan on coloring it in eventually.


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