Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Part 2

Hi. As promised here is a copy of the story in case the captions suck (I’m not good at that yet), and/or you have hearing trouble, but still want to suffer. Bad grammar is still included.

The Time Watch

Prologue: The world is an interesting place. In the town of Brookdale kids are becoming teenagers. They begin to worry about what others think about them. They spend more time with their hair and face trying to achieve the “look”. Well most of them anyway. The main characters in this story care about their future. That is why they were perfect for this adventure.

Chapter 1 Treasure Hunting: It all started on a Saturday. It was late June, meaning school was already out. The two kids Emily and Daniel were lying around. “What do ya wanna do?” Daniel asked Emily tiredly. Emily shrugged Daniel usually made all the plans. Finally after a quick pause Daniel said, “We could go treasure hunting.”

“Why not,” Emily said putting her flip flops on. For those of you who don’t know what treasure hunting is let me explain. Treasure hunting is when Emily and Daniel go to the park and looks for dropped valuables. Once they are finished they clean of and swap their finds.

“Hey Danny!” Emily shouted above the children’s shrieks. ” What’d ya find?”

“Just a pacifier!” Daniel yelled back. Emily giggled then went back to work. Just then Emily saw something shiny. She walked over and picked it up. It was a watch. She stared at puzzled by it’s appearance. Emily looked up and noticed a strange man. He to was staring at the watch, only he was looking at it with a blood thirsty type stare. Feeling uncomfortable Emily picked up the watch and scurried away.

“What was that all about?”Daniel whispered to Emily on their way back to her house. Emily just shrugged. Once back at Emily’s house the two examined the watch.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Emily said. “It’s just a watch.” Daniel nodded in agreement then took a look at the watch.

“It looks a bit odd but it’s still pretty standard,” Daniel said after fiddling with it.

“Lets get it working and then we can decide if we should keep it or not,” Emily reasoned. She then set the day, time, and year. “Just as I thought Emily sighed “just an ordinary watch.” Seeing that the watch was nothing special Emily didn’t see any harm in punching in 12:15 and then start. As soon as her finger lifted off of the button the room filled with light

As soon as the blinding light disappeared Emily almost screamed at what she saw. Daniel rubbed his eyes and saw just what Emily was staring at. Emily was opening the door and letting Daniel into the house. At least it looked like Emily and Daniel. Then again how could it be since Emily had already done this five hours ago! Yet as odd as it seemed she was watching herself do it again. Daniel gasped reassuring Emily that what she saw was true. Just then Emily noticed the clock on her wall it read 12:15. At that exact moment it clicked.

“We… We…,” was all Emily could stutter before fainting. When Emily woke up the clock read 5:15 the exac same time she had punched in  12:15.

“I figured it out too!” Daniel gushed as soon as Emily regained consciousness.

“No wonder that guy wanted it maybe he knew the watch could do that,” Emily said. ” I wonder what we should do with it” Daniel smiled he was hoping Emily would say that.

” You know how we are always thinking about the future Emmy” Daniel started.

” No, I know exactly what you’re thinking and the answer is no!” Emily said sternly. “I mean you can’t be serious.” Daniel smiled as if to answer her question he typed in 2017 and start. Like before the room began to fill with light. As soon as the light disappeared Daniel stared open mouthed at what he saw.

Chapter 2 The Future Is Bright?: Everything around them appeared to be black and white. The people who were walking around looked like zombies in the drab scene. “What happened here,” Daniel breathed. Emily looked just as surprised as she looked around. Just then a huge screen in the center of town flickered on. A man appeared. Emily saw his face and gasped. He was the man from the park!

“When I was elected as governor in 2012 I had a vision,” The man said. Emily’s eyes opened wide. She grabbed the watch then typed in 2012. As soon as the light disappeared Emily saw herself watching TV. It had appeared the man had lost the election. Just then the door bell rang. The future Emily answered the door and saw the man.

“Excuse me,” the man said. “May I see that watch?” Emily wrinkled her nose and then started to close the door. The man who had by know lost his patience reached out and began pulling the watch off of Emily’s arm. Once he succeeded he ran off down the street despite Emily’s shouts. Daniel looked and Emily and pressed the button to go back home.

“We have to find him,” Emily said.

“Well then let’s start looking,” Daniel said. The two kids searched all over town but couldn’t find anything. Finally they saw the man walk into a building. That’s when Emily stopped in her tracks.

“What are we supposed to do when we catch him he hasn’t stolen any thing yet,” Emily gulped. All of the sudden the man came out of the building with two big guys. Just then he saw Emily. His eyes fixed on the watch. He whispered to the two guys then smiled evilly. Then the two men started running toward them. One of them grabbed Daniel by the arm while the other chased Emily for the watch. Emily was running so fast she didn’t bother to call the police on her cell phone all she could think about was destroying the watch.

She did everything she could do that wouldn’t slow her down. Just then she ran past a police officer. “Hey kid slow down!” the officer yelled after her. Emily of course paid no attention and continued to run. Before the police man could react the huge man zipped past him. When the officer realized the man was chasing the kid he called the station for back up.

Meanwhile while running Emily did the only thing left she could think of. She threw the watch to the ground and watched it explode.

Epilogue: The man and his accomplices were taken away while Emily and Daniel reunited. They then met at an ice cream shop. “That was some adventure,” Daniel said “to bad we don’t know what our future is.”

“Well,” Emily said “Do you know what I think.” Daniel shrugged. “I think,” Emily said with a smile “Our future is bright.”

The End


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