Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Back in Time

One of my least favorite plot devices/genres in fiction is time travel. It’s very rarely done well to me, and even when characters go to the future where you’d think nothing would be affected it still leads to a lot of confusion. That being said, apparently younger me didn’t feel that way. Today I’m doing something a little different and sharing with you Fiction From Friday’s Past. So sit back and enjoy about nine minutes of me reading one of kid me’s old stories:

Other comments:

I have a feeling this idea came from somewhere else, but I can’t remember where. You know what they say though, great artists steal. I can’t really say much about my villain, because he was pretty cliche standard villain stuff. As for my main characters, I guess they were kind cute although they could’ve used more depth. Also I have no idea how old they were supposed to be (preteens maybe since I mentioned puberty). Oh well 🤗 I plan on typing this story out so that should be up soon.


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