Fiction Friday: Continuation

I don’t really consider myself a gamer. The only thing I’ve played consistently over the years is the sims. So, when they announced that Vampires were returning to the game I was pretty excited. I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with Fiction Friday, well to be honest not much. I just wanted to gush about vampires. In any case with out further ado here is part 2 to the supernatural family story I started last week.


It was around 11:56 that I noticed my brother was gone. I don’t know if it was a twin thing, but I could tell he didn’t just go to the bathroom. Rubbing my eye’s I sat up and thought of my current options.

  1. I could do nothing and let the chips fall where they may, but if asked about the incident I’d be forced to say that I knew he’d snuck out and I’d be an accomplice, my mother was quite persuasive and not above using magic to get the truth out of us
  2. I could skip ahead and tell mom right now, betraying my only brother and potentially causing a rift that could last years, or
  3. I could try to find him, bring him back, and act like this whole thing never happened…

After a few moments of awkward silence filled the room I mentally cursed Dom out, and then reluctantly got out of bed and made my way towards my closet. After I got dressed and double checked to ensure I had my phone I opened the window, Dom’s presumed method of exit, and climbed down. For those of you with a fear of heights it must be mentioned that our room was on the first floor, so not a long way down.

It took me only a few minutes to remember the Wallace’s address, and about 20 minutes to get there on foot. I was both comforted and unsettled by the full moon looming overhead. The Wallace’s place was pretty huge and the backyard area blended seamlessly with the towns nature reserve/wooded area. A house was never meant to be built there, but money talks and all.

I made my way towards the front door and was about to knock when it burst open and an panicked looking girl pushed past me in a crying.

“Hey, get back here!” a voice yelled from inside. “Can one of you idiots grab her!” Peering into the house I noticed that someone had gone crazy with the fog machine and that there was no music and not much movement. A figure zoomed past me and I heard a loud scream, presumably the girl who’d just left and saw the oldest Wallace kid dragging her back towards the door.

“Who are you?” another voice questioned me causing me to turn back around. I was met with glowing red eyes, dead white skin, and slicked back platinum blonde hair. I recognized him instantly as the middle brother in my grade, Sean.

“I-I-I’m here to find my brother,” I stammered. “We go to school together, you and I, not me and my brother. I mean we do go to school together, but not-“The vampire stared at me quizzically.

“Just bring him inside too,” the oldest rolled his eyes pulling the still distraught girl inside pushing past us. Shrugging Sean grabbed me by the arm and yanked me indoors. Once fully inside I noticed that the ‘party’ consisted of 8 other students all in a trance like state gathered in a circle. I shuddered when I realized what was going on. This wasn’t an after party, this was a turning ceremony. They’d been illegal since the 70s when it was finally deemed important to make regulations on this kind of thing. However every once in a while you got a vampire clan still stuck in the old ways that would try to bring it back. Tonight it seemed like the Wallace’s were that clan, or at least the Wallace kids given that I didn’t see their parents anywhere.

“Dom!” I yelled once I spotted him hoping to break him out of his stupor. Immediately he, and a few others turned towards me in a moment of clarity.  That was all the distraction I’d needed, after all I hadn’t come unprepared. Reaching into my pocket I grabbed a clove of garlic and smooshed it against Sean’s face causing him to let go of me and screech in disgust.

“Graham what are you doing here?” Dominik asked making his way towards me. “How did-”

“No time for that, run!” I yelled as I tossed him my second clove. Dom didn’t miss a beat, without hesitation he caught the clove (okay he picked it up off the floor, I’ve got a weak arm okay) and ran out the still opened door. Sean’s older brother, and his younger sister hissed at me and quickly grabbed me by the arms.

“One of you get his brother,” Sean said still clutching his cheek which was breaking out in severe hives. Nodding his sister let me go and ran outside. I tried to grab my final clove but the oldest Wallace’s grip was too strong. Shit, I should’ve also brought some silver too.

“Hold still will you,” the oldest jeered. “I’m turning someone tonight, so if it’s gotta be you let’s make this simple okay?” I paled at the thought and tried once again to break free. The next few moments blended together and my whole body went slack. I could feel two fangs bite into my arm, and I began to shake at the intrusion. The already foggy room appeared blurrier and the grey smoke was starting to look green, but that couldn’t be right. I found myself starting to drink some blood as well, but couldn’t tell from whose arm.

“What the hell is happening here!” I heard from behind me. Weird, that almost sounds like mom, I thought before blacking out.


-End. For now….




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