Disclaimer: This is a much shorter post, but in order to make up for being late here is my quick opinion on another topic the Golden Globes made me think of. Full disclosure though, I didn’t watch the Golden Globes, I don’t watch any awards show in general it’s just not my thing, I did however see the highlights online as well as other peoples reactions.

Freedom of speech is one of those funny things that people mention often but have a thin grasp on. For example hate speech is not protected by the constitution and things as basic as slurs shouldn’t be that hard to avoid using (more on this next week). It is also not okay to yell things like ‘fire’ when there is none in a crowded building, easy stuff. With that in mind people still get fired up every time a celebrity shares their opinion using their platform.

This amuses me for a few reasons, namely that being famous doesn’t mean you’re no longer a citizen, nor does it mean that you are immune from being effected by the law. Yes a lot of celebrities can boast special treatment, but at the end of the day their race, gender, and sexuality are always going to effect their lives. Therefore to ask them to keep quiet about things that matter to them is a direct attack on their freedom of speech. To tie into my previous post even Meryl Streep isn’t immune to criticism, but telling her to stick to what she knows is very High School Musical and implies that famous people can’t also be multifaceted human beings.

In summation if you’re pro mocking the disabled and racism that’s awful, but whether you’re famous or not your right to share your thoughts on a public forum exists and can be exercised. Although if your going to spread hate be aware that it doesn’t protect you from people’s criticism and in some cases isn’t even protected by the law.


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