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Fiction Friday: Old Notes

The notes app on my phone is probably what takes up most of my memory/space aside from photos. Any idea I have, so long as I’ve got my phone, I type up for future reference. Today I’m pulling out a story that popped into my brain when I was on a supernatural kick (not the show, just the literal word supernatural). I liked the idea of the Munsters which had different types of creatures in one family, so I came up with a household made up with a matriarch who is a witch, her husband who is human, and her two sons, a werewolf and a vampire respectively. Also a ghost granny just because. This is a scene* from that (re-worked because my old computer is dead and time has caused me to make changes to this anyway):


The thing about being different versus being normal is that it heavily depends on your audience. To my grandmother on my mom’s side, my brother, Dominik, and I are freaks because we don’t have magic powers.  This is presumably because our father is a human (which grandma also hates), but to most regular people my mother being a witch is what is strange about our family. I for one don’t mind being born without my mom’s talents because it makes me appreciate the little things more. Even she has admitted it feels good to do things the human way every once in a while.

Dominik on the other hand couldn’t have been more disappointed. “No offense dad, but can you imagine how much cooler life could be if I had powers,” Dom liked to say after every laundry day. “I mean this would definitely go a lot faster that’s for sure.”

“Magic’s a little more complicated than that dear,” mom would reply while dad would shake his head and say ‘no offense taken’.

This of course never stopped Dominik from trying potions and spells just to see if he was a late bloomer. He wasn’t. To compensate he tended to hang out with the witches and wizards who went to our school. Yes you read that right, I’m sure you’re used to narratives were the supernatural is some big secret, but no everyone pretty much lives out in the open here. That’s not to say that there isn’t tension and that we always get along, there’s just not much secrecy.

“Okay Graham I know you’re not big on parties, but I need you to pop out of your shell just this once,” Dom said to me one Thursday before Homecoming weekend.

“And why is that,” I said struggling to put my boots on. Had my feet grown again? 

“I’ve been invited to go to the Wallace’s after party and you know mom won’t let me go unless you come with me,” he said eyeing me with amusement.

“That’s because the Wallace’s are Vampires, and their family is shady as fuck,” I replied as I finally got one foot down. “Besides they’re elitist snobs, why would they want us at their party?”

“Come on Graham most of those stories are just rumors, and I dunno maybe they want to change things up a bit. I am after all the life of any party,” Dom grinned admiring himself in the mirror. I rolled my eyes as I laced up my shoes.

“Even if I agreed, which I won’t, mom would still say no and for good reason,” I said.

“Ugh, why do you have to be like that,” Dom frowned. “Grandma’s right this family is way too soft.”

“Are we now?” our mother said knocking on our door. “Are you to going to school today or what?” Dom looked at me pleadingly.

“Yeah we’re going, and both of us have something to ask you,” Dom said. I glared at him and shook my head. “Can Graham and I go to the Wallace’s after party on Saturday.” I gave him a death glare which he completely ignored and opened our bedroom door. Our mother looked at him like he’d sprouted a second nose.

“The Wallace’s?” she asked clearly thinking she misheard him. “You and Graham.”

“Yep, the two of us, you know the ol’ buddy system.”

“That’s hilarious, but no”


“No, now get moving, you don’t want to be late.” I pushed past Dom and muttered ‘I told you’ under my breath. Of course, if you know anything about the rebellious high schooler trope, you’ll know that this was not the end of the Wallace party debacle. To spare you the begging and pleading, I’ll just skip us ahead to the sneaking out scene. This is were the life changing shit happens anyway.


-And scene. Tune in next week for said life changing shit. The story is being told by both brothers, but for right now Graham is a the wheel. I’m sure you can kind of see were this is going, but I’ll wait for next Friday to reveal who get’s turned to what and how. In the meantime have a good weekend and I’ll see you Monday 😙

*Also bear in mind much of my fiction Friday post’s are written on the spot hence their first draft like nature. This year I also plan on posting stuff I’ve worked on for longer/ going back to and editing my past posts. Thanks 😁


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