Day 2

I think the best part about being sick on New Years Eve/the beginning of the year is that health wise I’m guaranteed to improve in 2017. Everything else is still up in the air, but I’m not the type to take resolutions seriously. Maybe because I have the attention span of a pea pod. However since it is day 2 and I’m trying to get back to our regularly scheduled Monday and Friday programing, here is a list of goals/ideas I’ve come up with for the new year:

  1. Keep up my WordPress Schedule: I think given how easily I drop things I did pretty good last year maintaining this page. I hope this year with a few exceptions I’ll be able to keep writing Monday’s and doing fiction blurbs on Friday. I’m also going to try to follow more people on here and lurk around more.
  2. Draw More: The cover photo today is of my own creation. It features characters that I’ve created (and haven’t written about here yet).  While I’d love to collab. with my sister, I do want to improve my own drawing/art skills.
  3. Get a Job: As much as enjoy loafing about I miss having spending money, and there are lot of places I’d like to donate to, so getting a job is actually going to be a priority for me this year.
  4. Take Care of Me: Everyone and their great Aunt Ethel is making this their goal for the new year but if you’ve been paying attention to my posts you’ll probably note that I’ve been going solo in terms of my mental health and I don’t think I should continue that route. In general I’d also like to keep to the basics and make sure I go everyday taking care of my health in all aspects. Thus far I’ve remembered to wear my retainer every night. Only 364 nights to go.

That’s it. These are fairly basic and simple, but as I mentioned from the start I’m sick so this is what I got. All in all not too shabby though right? Happy New Year guys I’ll be back Friday.


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