I either get punny with the titles or I’m in a mood and we get gems like ‘Blah’. Either way I’m currently listening to Land Down Under un- ironically and I’m going to get this up if it’s the last thing I do. Being able to keep this schedule is important to me because it’s the thing I suck at the most. Some people argue that one should always put their best shit forward regardless of how long it takes, and for the most part I agree with that statement. However if you’re like me and have trouble taking care of yourself/neglect your needs at times, occasionally it’s nice knowing that I’m good at doing something regimented even if it’s not writing that’s been touched by the gods.

This year especially has been a whirlwind as I’m sure many are tired of hearing. As the first lady put more eloquently than I ever will, hope is just not really tangible right now for me. I keep seeing people do shitty things on the news and on my social media accounts, and while I can avoid some of those things tuning out of life is not really the best idea, particularly when you’re a jobless shut in who needs to keep informed and updated.

Keeping that in mind though, I do have to remember that some good things happened (at least to me) in 2016. First and foremost I graduated college. For some reason that’s an accomplishment that gets pushed aside when you don’t leave and get a job out of it right away. As someone who most definitely suffers from imposter syndrome I need to remind myself once again that I did work hard regardless of how much I procrastinated and that I took six classes in my last semester and got A’s in all of them. Not a brag, just me trying to be proud of my accomplishments for once.

I have no fucking clue what 2017 is going to bring me. I’m going to be searching harder for employment since money is something I want to have and feel the months I’ve taken off have been worth it. Other than that I’m not one to make resolutions. I joked on my tumblr that Facebook predicted I’d find true love in 2017 and how that was hilarious and unlikely, but you no what, what do I have to lose. Maybe that will be true. A lot of unlikely things have been happening. Most of them have been shitty granted, but surprising none the less.

I wish I could leave you with a more positive message but honestly ‘who knows what’s going to happen’ is the best I can give today. Happy Holidays and if this is my last post of the year , at least I can say I was honest.

*Picture notes: my name is not Tina…


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