Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Moar Dialogue

Next Friday’s my birthday, then Saturday I’m traveling for the holidays so I can’t promise next weeks Fiction Friday will be prompt (or exist) I might write it ahead of time and post it early. I’ll decide by Wednesday. In any case here’s more dialogue from the 3 Daughters story. This is potential for a scene where the girls are deciding whether to ask Kwan for help when their adopted dad is nabbed (I don’t think it counts as kid napping when it’s an adult).

Anya frowned. As the eldest sister it felt like it was her duty to keep morale up in times of stress, but Ruben being nabbed wasn’t exactly a scenario she’d planned for.

“I know he’s a bit of a butt, but I think we should just get Kwan’s help,” Meera said while playing with a tiny bauble she’d found on the ground.

“‘Butt’ really?” Kinu said hands akimbo. “Kwan is a prick and he’ll try to take over the operation and get in our way.”

“I’m trying not to curse so much,” Meera said defensively, “and since we’re out of our league maybe the actual sheriff getting involved isn’t such a bad idea.”

“Please, I’m the best shot around, Naya’s got a new set of knives, and we have a whole kitchen full of potential explosives for your devious little brain to go crazy with. We don’t need the law. Right Naya?” Kinu turned toward the older girl who was currently swinging said knives around.

“These guys could be trouble,” Anaya said. “If they can outsmart dad, then what chance do we have, maybe Meera’s right this time.”

“Thanks for the bucket load of confidence,” Meera stuck out her tongue. “Pfft, this time,” she muttered under her breath. Anaya ignored her.

“Yes he can be a know it all, but that’s kinda what we need right now”

“What we need is to formulate a plan and make a move before the kidnappers get too far away,” Kinu said impatiently. “If you two want to waste time, be my guests. I’m going to go after Ruben now.”


And Scene. Yeah that’s it for now. To make up for the shortness here’s another prompt of my own making since it’s been awhile: You and your best friend are walking home after a night of partying and you spot a strange light in the sky. Before either of you can get away you’re hit with a meteor which gives both of you powers. Next thing you know you find yourself in lab all alone, what happens next and what powers you’ve got are on you now.



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