Faux- Intellectual Cynicism

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am cynical. I tend to think the worst is going to happen and have been disappointed in humanity several times this year alone (then again so has everyone in 2016). That being said, if you act like the world/life is just unfair without acknowledging a lack of empathy on the part of humans being a large factor in that, then I’m not interested in your faux- intellectual cynicism.

Thinking people are scum isn’t a free pass to be scum yourself. If anything being a cynic should make you want to change the outcome. With the holidays coming up it’s easy for me to focus on the happy cheerful atmosphere that we tend to cultivate, but this season has a somber side. Depression can hit people hard this time of year, and while I tend to keep to a schedule I felt compelled to write about these feelings today.

Not to call anyone out in particular, because I too used to believe thinking negatively made me more enlightened, it’s just that it can be draining to be around people who don’t have any hope. I may not always be surprised when humans do terrible things, but I always want people to be better. I hold the people in my life accountable when I can (myself included) and I think we should all try to start doing that. There is only a small percentage of the world that can be classified as sociopaths and that doesn’t even inherently make you dangerous. If that’s the case then not enough people are being held accountable for being assholes. Not enough people are being called out on their shitty behavior and that has to stop. If you feel like you’re hanging around people that can’t empathize with you, or the people you care about then as cliche as this advice is, follow it and drop them. It’s possible to go through life expecting the worst and still hope for the best.

This holiday season gift yourself and work on you next year. I hadn’t really intended to tie this into my Monday piece, but I realized I’ve been on a self reflection/self love kick and that starts with being around people who respect you. Empathy is the next part. See you tomorrow for Fiction Friday, I didn’t forget 😀

*I’m still very much a shy/introverted shut in, so take my words with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, I’m just trying to practice what I preach and live a happy-ish life. If you find this helpful: AWESOME 😀


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