Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: A Million Ideas a Minute

Last week I expanded on an idea I had about a Western, and it made me realize just how many stories I’ve got rattling around in my brain. I plan on working on a few seriously, and will write about them in the coming weeks, but some of them will probably stay in my head and be a blurb or a doodle every now and again.

Specifically I’ve lately been thinking a lot about plays and musicals, a genre that you either love or hate with very few in-between opinions. The only idea for a musical I’ve ever really had was for the fairytale Bluebeard. There’s just something about the almost gothic fiction nature of the story that I think would work well on stage. Especially as a dark comedy, given that it has a happy ending, but a few grisly moments as well (plus my sense of humor is macabre at times).

If you don’t know, the overall story is that a mysterious blue bearded man weds a naive young lady and she finds out that he has a room in his house full of the bodies of his dead past brides. She sends for her brothers who eventually save her and kill Bluebeard (see very gothic fiction). I can’t help but envision one hell of a villain number for a guy who’s so cocky he keeps dead wives in his basement. Sadly while my writing skills have improved since I first thought this up, I’m no song writer, though I have (for school purposes) done some screenwriting.

For now here’s an overall outline for how I see things going down:

  • The opening number would be a greek chorus style group of townspeople who are singing about the rumors of a man who kills his wives when they displease him
  • It would then cut to our heroine chilling with her brothers while her parents wonder how they’re going to marry her off (her curiosity and big mouth get her into trouble often)
  • Maybe introduce a poorer love interest (a lady baker perhaps :D)- angsty secret love song????
  •  Enter Bluebeard who is naturally charming (if not a little discerning), there should definitely be a song about his charm and his wooing of our heroine
  • Cue them being smitten and married and things being fine at first
  • Our heroine then vows to explore her new home and at this point possibly add a song about her being unsure if he’s hiding something from her
  • Possibly cut to her brothers and the lady baker having their doubts about the whole affair
  • Bluebeard goes on a trip and tells her to stay put, obviously she doesn’t and the big reveal is made, End Act 1
  • Act 2- opens with it being a few days later and the chorus brings up a reprise of their opening number maybe intercut with her singing about her cursed curious nature.
  • Bluebeard returns early and is suspicious of his wife
  • She tries to play it cool, but it doesn’t work out and in another dark reprise Bluebeard reveals his true self and possibly sings about his own fickle way with women
  • He then locks her up and decides what to do since she’s otherwise fun to be around, and she tries to communicate with her brothers
  • Lady baker goes to visit her and Bluebeard greets her and turns her away, but she finds the message our heroine failed to send.
  • She gets her brothers and they go rescue her
  • Maybe Bluebeard  dies or gets arrested, I’m not sure, either way our heroine keeps the money and settles down with lady baker and is waaaay more careful
  • The chorus then wraps everything up/now requited love diddle with baker and heroine?.

That’s all I got for now. If there’s any song writers out there who have any idea’s feel free to share (you honestly never know). In the meantime I’ll keep working and by next week I’ll probably have another one shot/short from my 3 daughters story and will have some info about another webcomic type story I want to work on. Bye 😀


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