Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: And We’re Baaaaack!

The first wave of the Holidays is over and I’ve been all over the place as far as fiction goes this past week. Still no dragons today (I did mention that I would work on that as long as it interested me), but I wanted to give more details about my three daughters western story because I wrote about it twice now.

The basic premise is that a bounty hunter, Ruben, adopts three girls shortly after the loss of Jang, the town’s sheriff, and his paramour. He meets the oldest, Anaya, after saving her and a bunch of other children from kidnappers intending to sell them off. Anaya has a knack for knives and considers Ruben her father without hesitation. She is 17 when the story starts and was an orphan since she was 2. Ruben meets his middle daughter Kinu, after he takes in her father who’d fallen in with the wrong crowd and had been neglectful to Kinu. Her specialty is guns, and was taught to shoot by her dad to protect their property while he was away, and is further cultivated by Ruben. She also tends to take care of the cleaning/cooking, preferring her methods to her adopted families ‘lackluster efforts’. She’s 15.  The last girl, Meera is taken in about a year before the story starts and is the only one not found on the job. She is 11 years old and is good at making little explosives something she discovered a talent for having been on her own for quite some time and in need of a creative outlet.

Other characters include, Ruben’s yet to be named mother who is a tough old woman he hasn’t spoken to in a while. At the stories start she’s unaware of her adopted granddaughters. Kwan, who is the new sheriff and nephew to Jang. His father is homophobic and did not allow his son to have a relationship with his uncle or Ruben and Kwan wants to know him, particularly since his bounty hunting often causes them to cross paths.

Lorraine is the rich daughter of the towns local oil baron and is close in age to Meera. Meera has a bit of a crush on her, and she has two older brothers and two older sisters. The still unnamed boy from the dialogue comes from a family of thieves and clashes with Kinu constantly, he is overall a good sport about it though and is far less annoyed by their interactions than Kinu is.

Given that I envision this story to be more episodic I’m not sure I picture these characters being in a novel, however while a comic would be my preferred method of telling this story both me and my “artist” (also my sister) have a long way to go before that happens. In the mean time I’ll probably continue to write little blurbs and bits with these guys, and who knows maybe if they have to deal with a major mystery that could cumulate into something longer.



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