The Unknown

People have all different types of relationships with their family. I can’t really speak on anything other than my own. Overall I enjoy spending time with all my aunts,uncles, and cousins, and don’t mind when my house becomes a bed and breakfast. What I’ve appreciated the most in my 21 (almost 22 now) years is that, when it comes to my love life, they don’t ask me any questions.

I’m one of those late bloomers who hasn’t had so much as my first kiss. Sometimes this bothers me, and it’s nice to wallow in self pity and gloom, however most of the time I’m fairly neutral about this fact. I see no need to be particularly optimistic, I don’t go out much, and I’m not always charismatic, but the whole forever alone thing doesn’t suit me either. The future isn’t guaranteed nor is it very clear. The universe has way better things to do then set me up with another lost soul.

My cousin recently wondered if my mom was trying to set me up with her boyfriend’s son (it’s a long story and I don’t really care if they ever find this), and it just got me thinking about this. Proximity is certainly on my side with that one, but rather than jump on that opportunity the conversation actually made we want to get out and put myself out into the world more. It’s the absolute lamest piece of advice I’ve ever gotten, given that I was ‘out’ all four years of school, however  I know I could’ve pushed myself harder to make new friends/ meet new people. Online dating is also just not for me. You’d think it would be given that I’m shy/introverted, but no I can’t get a read on people online, and as a human woman I don’t feel like putting my trust on the internet.

All in all I’ve always lived and done things at my own pace and in my relationships with others I’m admittedly more than a little cautious.  Whether I start dating next year, next week or at age 40 I’m not in a rush, and if you’re like me you shouldn’t be either. If I can say that, as a person with like 2 friends who lives at home, then you out there are going to be just fine. And on the days when it feels like the world is going to end before you get a date, there’s always depressing music, junk food, and more than enough celebrity eye candy for company.



*I have no shortage of vacation pictures I’ve forgotten to post. Also would this make a good dating profile pic? Probably not…


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