Black Friday

The holiday season is officially underway and my house is starting to fill up with visiting family. As a result I kind of neglected fiction Friday last week and will try to make up for that sometime this weekend after all the celebration ends. I have two different Thanksgivings to go to being a child of divorce so while I still have a little bit of time here’s my two cents on Black Friday: It’s not worth it.

Think about it, given all the holidays and sales throughout the year what guarantee do shoppers have that they really are getting the best deal after the upcoming holiday. Sales depend heavily on the individual products which is why whether or not you get decent savings really depends on supply and demand. This time of year stores are also taking advantage of the online market and many times the better deals are there.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that Thanksgiving does not have problematic origins, and not everyone can realistically be expected to get along perfectly with their families. However we as a society have to decide what is more important to us, and if that is a new tv and not our families that’s fine, it’s just not the kind of society I want to live in.

Every year my cousin, who works in retail is taken from us before 11:00 pm because other people want to shop in a misguided attempt to have the perfect winter holiday/ to buy an item they’ve needed for a while and believe that they’re getting a great deal on. Instead of focusing on a larger problem, such as the fact that people aren’t getting paid enough to afford what they need when they need it, we continue to be duped.

At the end of the day, money talks. If we continue to go out and shop on Black Friday, and even Thanksgiving night we’re telling businesses that they’re nothing we won’t do to get a perceived deal. We’re telling them we’re fine with they way employees are abused and given little to no real time off. That is not okay, especially now. This week I encourage everyone to focus on family, food, and continuing to stay informed. Have a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate, and if you have to work, good luck, you have my support.



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