Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: 3 Daughters

No dragons this week, sorry. As I mention last Friday I might update that story every other week. I have no idea where I’m going with it so who knows I may end it or go on to write an amazing tale about fantasy commerce. This week here’s a dialogue/ scene with another story of mine about a bounty (Ruben) and his three adopted daughters. I did a dialogue between one of the girls, Kinu, and a friend of hers two weeks ago. All the characters in this scene have names 😀


Sherif Kwan imagined this conversation with Ruben about a million times in his head. Almost all of them ended with him getting kicked out on his ass. The three extra pairs of eyes watching him full of mistrust did nothing to quell his anxiety. He unconsciously began rubbing his fingers together in an attempt to calm his nerves. “Thank you for inviting me into your home,” he said taking his hat off and placing it on the stack of luggage next to him.

Ruben nodded curtly and said, “What’s this about?” Ah, yes. What was this about.

“I, I’d hoped that we could- well rather I wanted to be able to chat with you,” Kwan said stumbling. “My uncle he-” he hesitated. He hadn’t really known his uncle at all. His father rarely mentioned him, and the man he was sitting across from was the reason why. It wasn’t resentment that had brought him there though. “I wanted to know more about my uncle,” Kwan finally settled on. “I was told you knew him really well.”

Ruben who’d sat perfectly still with a rather stern expression up until that point now looked utterly amused. “Who exactly told you that,” he said almost chuckling. His three girls adjusted their positions but didn’t change their expressions. If anything the oldest girl, a rather thin teenager with dark skin, hair, and eyes to match glared at him harder, while the middle girl simply turned up her nose. The youngest seemed to be attempting to mimic the other two, and came across a bit more comical.

“Well, my father actually dropped your name,” Kwan said resuming his nervous finger rubbing. This caused the initially grumpy man to break into a grin.

“Oh did he now?” he asked. “And did that come with any slurs perhaps, I recall he was quite fond of the term ‘fag’, but that might be a bit old now.” Kwan reddened at that. This was yet another way he’d imagined things going, and it was nearing the part where he got thrown out.

“I don’t care about that kind of thing,” Kwan said shaking his head. “I just want to know about the man whose shoes I’m filling.” His uncle Jang, the old sheriff had died about 11 years ago, at the age of 36. Well murdered actually, by a criminal who’d been quite desperate to escape. It devastated everyone to lose a their lawman, but it had never felt quite right to Kwan that he could only mourn his uncles reputation and not the man he was. “I know my father wasn’t welcoming to you, but I’m the sheriff now and it’s important that you know we’re on the same side.”

“Are we?” the older daughter, Anaya asked chiming in. Both men turned to look toward the previously silent trio. Ruben looked back at Kwan as if to say ‘what she said’.

“Yeah,” Kinu the middle girl added. “Just the other day you interfered with our work.” The youngest Meera nodded ridiculously.

“Your work and mine are one in the same,” Kwan pointed out. Then he turned back to Ruben. “I meant no disrespect but I am the law around here.”


I’m going to stop here, partly so I can eat dinner (inspiration always strikes before I’m about to eat or right after I shower idk why). I will definitely be continuing this story in some form or another. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post the full character list/description so I can fully explain the setting and plot.


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