Before I begin my prepared Monday post, I want to take this time to remind you to vote on November 8th if you’re an American citizen and you haven’t done so already. There’s a lot more up for grabs then who’s going to be President. If you don’t go out there tomorrow you are wasting an opportunity people have died and protested for.

Now on topic: Hair. It’s both absolutely meaningless, and way more important than you’d think. It reflects peoples cultures while also being dead, and even if you chose to shave it off that in itself can be seen as a statement.

My hair is thick, curly, and to this day I still have trouble finding products to properly moisturize it. This is why it amuses me to no end when people say it’s not a big deal. Individually no one put politics and hair together, but at this point in history it’s hard to separate them. Now I will concede that we live in a society where no one is expected to be perfectly happy with their looks, however if you’ve got straight hair there’s dozens of products at your disposal running from cheap to expensive. The idea of lightening your hair and that ‘blondes have more fun’ is still an obvious influence. If you’ve got wavy or straight hair I ask you think of the last time you went through a beauty magazine and found hairstyles that weren’t catered to you, or saw models with styles you couldn’t replicate. Do you envy curls because of how they look, or are you honestly interested in all that it takes to maintain them?

In an ideal world what you choose to do with you locks shouldn’t matter, or be anyone’s business, but it is. When I straightened my hair for the first time at a salon, even teachers at my high school complimented me, and I was asked by a fellow student why I didn’t do it more often. Translated that meant “How come you don’t spend money to look more conventionally attractive to other people?” The answer to that is mostly because I can’t afford to, but It’s also not good for my hair, I don’t do anything with my appearance for other people, and I just shouldn’t have to.

There’s plenty you could read or watch on the topic of hair, however I encourage you to take a look around you, and instead of getting defensive just listen. It isn’t politically correct to demand respect and it wouldn’t hurt for you to think about where your attitudes come from. Why are certain styles associated with minorities considered rebellious when worn by the majority? What does the way I where my hair say about me? These are questions that are important. If you want to separate hair from politics than first you need to understand why the two got married in the first place.

Thanks for reading and please for the love of all that you hold dear go out and VOTE!


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