Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Dragons continued

For part one use this. Here’s the original prompt- “A young man must take over his ailing father’s business—raising dragons that they sell to the world’s wealthiest as pets.”

“I’m sorry, but are you telling me that you don’t even have a Salimeaner’s egg?” the thin, reedy woman standing before Itzaack asked incredulously.

“I’m afraid so ma’m, but don’t despair we have plenty of Horntails to choose from in the back if you’ll let me-”

“I think not,” the woman said before he could finish. “When will your father be back? Him I can deal with.” Itzaack rubbed his temples and took a deep breath. This was the second time that day a customer had wanted to deal with his father instead. This didn’t bother him, or at least that wasn’t why he was annoyed. He was peeved because his father was the kind of guy who promised people the world but only had half of it in stock.

“I know he promised you a Salimeaner would be here this week but our supplier is having-” he hesistated-“breeding problems,” Itzaack said. “They don’t know when another will be born and they can’t give me the original breeders.” The woman’s face reddened.

“There’s no need to be vulgar,” she said. “Just call me if anything should change. Salimeaners are the only one’s who will play nice with my Longmires.” The woman then proceeded to walk away nearly knocking over one of the other employees in the process. The employee in question was a girl in her late teens named CeCe. Itzaack had seen her a few times around the store and knew she was a recent hire. She seemed much to clever to be working part time at this establishment, but they hadn’t had a long enough conversation for him to figure her out. On the other side of the room adjusting catalogues was a young man only a year younger then him named, Gene, whom he had talked to non-stop. Mostly because it was Gene who wouldn’t stop talking.

“You okay up there boss?” Gene asked once the woman closed the door behind her.

“I’m fine, are you okay CeCe?” Itzaack asked noting that she looked rather miffed.

“Just wishing I was taller,” she said. “Or at least more physically imposing.”

“Trust me, you don’t need to be tall to be physically imposing,” Gene said grinning. “The boss is like 6’3 but trust me C, I’m way more scared of you.” Itzaack raised an eyebrow at that. “No offense sir,” Gene said turning around sheepishly.

“None taken, although I wish you’d stop calling me ‘boss’ and ‘sir’ I’m not that old, and I’m only working here temporarily,” Itzaack said. Gene nodded. “Anyway I’m going to check on Rita and Jasper in the back, ring the bell if another customer comes in.”

“Aye Aye Captain,” Gene responded with a salute while CeCe rolled her eyes. Itzaack nodded and turned towards the thick curtain separating the main room from the vast expanse of cages and faux wildlife. There were dragons of all colors, shapes and sizes hanging around, some playing, some sleeping, and some scratching at the protective glass that prevented everyone from getting burned.

“We still don’t have any Salimeaner’s do we?” Itzaack asked Rita who he saw first tending to the aforementioned Horntails. Rita had not warmed to Itzaack and seemed to be annoyed whenever he opened his mouth. He knew she had a lot of respect for his dad, and figured she was irritated by the change in leadership especially given how long she’d worked there. Today however she seemed oddly mollified and gave him a direct, somewhat polite answer.

“No we don’t hon,” she said wiping sweat from her brow. “The supplier’s still havin’ that breedin’ probelm.”

“I figured that, thanks. How’s everything else going on back here.”

“Alright unless you consider the Bib’s seem to want more food whenever they see me an’ Jasper eatin’ lunch.”

“Well we can’t afford to increase their food supply so they’ll just have to look on in envy,” Itzaack shook his head. “Where is Jasper anyway?”

“He had to go out back, a family emergency call or somethin’,” Rita said straightening up. He knew she expected him to be uptight about that given that he’d sharply told her on day one that she should save her personal calls for after work. In his defense she’d clearly been gossiping and had gotten distracted. If Jasper really was having a family crisis he could hardly object. Business toady had been rather slow.


To be continued…

Okay that’s it for now, we’ve met 3/6 of the employees
(you’ve technically not ‘met’ Jasper yet so they don’t count). Next week I’m going to do something different. I like the idea of posting add ons to this story every other week in case some people aren’t interested and so I can still write other stuff.



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