Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Dialogue

I want to really get into the Dragon story a bit more, and the last few days have been busy so today I’m going to post a short little dialogue between two people. The male character is nameless because these two come from a bigger story and I haven’t named him yet.


“You!” Kinu shouted from across the market place. The boy in question turned around recognition smashing him in the face like a giant hammer.

“Kinu, you’re okay,” he said smiling. “What’re you-”

“Don’t ‘you’re okay me’ your mother shot me!”she said sliding right in front of him.

“Ah, yes about that,” he said nervously trying to put some distance between them with his hands. “Believe me I wanted to go back to check on you but the train was picking up speed and I couldn’t get away from my family.”

“Believe you! Everything you said was a lie.”

“Not completely, I really am a performer”


“Performer, and I really do specialize in swords”

“Well then pull it out, because I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” she said as a confused passerby gave them both a disapproving nod.

“I don’t want to fight you,” the boy said, although he put a hand on the hilt of his sword.


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