Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. This is honestly kind of a boring account of my day/ me rambling because I was topic-less this week. 

I’ve been kind of stuck today, which is why this post is kind of late. I considered just saying that ‘I’m tapped out, but I’ll see you Friday’, however in an effort to improve my writing I can’t in good conscious not write. *Waits for the grammar police to take me away*

So I’m still here which means that last sentence wasn’t a complete crime against the english language. Continuing my random typing my goal right now is to just keep going until I think I’ve officially become completely non-sensical/ran out of juice. If you’ve ever wondered what my mind is like this may or may not be a good example (it’s probably not my thoughts can get way stranger).

Right now aside from thinking about thinking and blog posting I’ve been thinking again about sitcoms and slice of life type stories. I recently watched the Fox show Scream Queens as something kind of light and fluffy. It wasn’t life changing (given that I think Ryan Murphy would benefit greatly from tightening his plots and cutting down to 10 episodes instead of 12), but it was just what I needed when I was feeling kind of depressed and emotionless last Saturday.

The plot was pretty straight forward and the characters I liked lived so that’s really all I could’ve wanted. I didn’t start the new season though, and I’m not sure I will. I don’t really like horror as a genre and only really enjoy the campy/parody stuff like Scream Queens. I also prefer to know what happens, which for many defeats the purpose but in all honesty if I want a mystery I’d just opt for a mystery story.

Aside from tv my diet today kind of sucked. I had cereal for breakfast and donuts for a second breakfast/lunch and then popcorn for a snack. My dinner just now was a bit healthier (salmon,yellow rice, and broccoli), however I’m most likely going to have donuts again for desert.

One thing I’m looking forward to is the Holidays. I’ve mentioned that Halloween is my favorite and I have a lot of family coming up for Thanksgiving. For Christmas I’m going to visit family in Florida so that should be nice.

I think next week I’ll write about the shit my sister and I say/come up with because that could actually be pretty interesting.

Adios mortals.


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