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Fiction Friday: Prompt#1

“A young man must take over his ailing father’s business—raising dragons that they sell to the world’s wealthiest as pets.”- Prompt from Justin Mclachlan. This won’t be a full story just a scene, I may continue it though in the weeks to come*.


It wasn’t that Itzaack hated Dragons, on the contrary he found them to be fascinating creatures. What he had problems with was the notion that they could be kept as pets. His father, Warren, had insisted there was a market for everything, and it was that philosophy that put food on the table. It had also resulted in a lot of weird shit passing through their home over the years. Itzaack had no doubt that the chaos of his father’s world was what let him to his current medical problems.

“Your father is expected to recover,” his Doctor had told him. “But I’d keep him out of the family business for a while. He needs to be in a stress free environment.” Itzaack had to laugh at that. His dad thrived on stress, but it was true that his job was taking a toll on him.  So, much to the discomfort of both of them Itzaack sat down with Warren and had the talk.

“You know I’ll keep you up to date with any/all significant changes,” he’d told him.

“So you’re planning on making changes, is that it?” Warren said eyes plastered on the wall. He’d had the look of a doused bulldog on his face the moment Itzaack had entered the room.

“Of course not, I just meant that-”

“You meant that you’re planning on putting me on a shelf and selling the business when I’m too senile to notice,” Warren said shifting slightly for comfort.

“Dad, listen. Dr. Revenski told me you’ve got plenty of years left under your belt, but you need to rest. I don’t plan on doing anything but managing the dragons and letting your employers keep things running smoothly,” Itzaack said calmly though he knew he was walking a fine line. After he’d turned 14 most conversations between the two ended up being like this. Warren sat there stone faced for a few moments before finally responding.

“Demand has been high recently, are you sure you can handle it?” he asked still clearly on edge.

“I’m certain”

“Maybe if I just came in once or twice a week I could-”

“I will handle it dad,” Itzaack said realizing he was raising his voice. Softly he continued,”You have my word that everything will be as you left it, but for the next month I need you to trust me.” He placed his hand on Warren’s and tried to look him in the eye. “Will you trust me?”

His father hadn’t responded so much as gave an awkward nod/grunt combination, but in the week since the business opened up again, Warren only called his son six times. Itzaack took this to mean the answer was yes.

To Be Continued…


*I hope anyone reading liked what I’ve got so far. As I continue (and I’ve decided I will) I may end up coming back and editing this part even more.

As for the names, I choose Itzaack because it was in my head recently and it’s a sharp twist on Isaac. Warren was on my mind because of Sky High (one of the best superhero movies in existence), and Revenski was completely random.

Prompt: A young woman leaves her house to go to work one morning only to discover that the roads have changed and it seems like fate is pushing her to go to an abandoned lot in the middle of nowhere.


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